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Three Films in Muhr Arab Documentary Competition, World Premiere in Arabian Nights, and Two projects in Dubai Docs
Remarkable Presence for Screen Institute Beirut at Dubai International Film Festival

Dubai, United Arab Emirates | Wednesday- 4 December, 2013:

As part of its commitment to support and develop Arab filmmaking industry, Screen Institute Beirut (SIB) will have an important presence in the 10th Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF), which runs from December 6th to December 14th, 2013. Screen Institute Beirut will take part in various events that will be held at the festival.

Three films funded by Screen Institute Beirut are part of the prestigious Muhr Arab Documentary competition:

Sarah Francis's Birds of September: In a van, a hidden camera behind glass explores the streets of Beirut. Along the way, the van becomes a mobile confessional, capturing moments from people's lives, all the while searching for something or someone. The confessions are candid, blunt and intimate.

My Love Awaits Me by the Sea by Mais Darwazah, the film is a poetic documentary narrating the director's first journey to her homeland. Following an imaginary lover, Hassan, a Palestinian artist, she discovers a beautiful and utopian world where fairytale and reality interweave in a powerful statement on the need to believe in dream. My Love Awaits Me by the Sea, pays tribute to Hassan Hourani, the Palestinian artist and his book 'Hassan is Everywhere', a children's book of illustration and poetry published just before his tragic death in the forbidden sea of Jaffa in 2003.

Guardians of Time Lost by Diala Kachmar: Between commitment and chaos, between courage and fear, between ideology and deviation and between chivalry and violence lies the street. They are a group of marginalized young men, known as the thugs of Al Lija and they reflect the chaos that characterizes their neighborhood in Beirut.

DIFF's Arabian Nights Program will host the world premiere of Mahmoud Kaabour's Champ of the Camp. The film is the first ever feature-length documentary filmed in the UAE's labor accommodation. It follows a Bollywood singing and trivia competition that takes place each summer in Dubai. The film chronicles the stories of characters such as Dhattu, a middle-aged Indian sweeper who is saving up for his daughters' marriages, and Adnan, a Pakistani who excels in all things Bollywood and is proud of his work on the world's tallest tower.

Screen Institute Beirut participates also in Dubai Docs, one of the most recent Dubai Film Market initiatives. Dubai Docs will provide a three-day training and talent development programme for seven project teams from across the Arab region. Screen Institute Beirut participates with two projects that have received a SIB grant: Obscure, represented by its director Soudade Kaadan and producer Amira Kaadan, and Waiting for Dawn represented by Director Mary Jirmanus.

SIB Films Screening in Dubai International Film Festival

Champ of the Camp
Saturday, 7th December | 20:00 | Burj Park | world premiere as part of Screen on the Green's screenings
Monday, 9th December | 15:15 | MOE 12

Birds of September
Saturday, 7th December | 14:15 | MOE 11
Monday, 9th December | 15:00 | MOE 11

My Love Awaits Me by the Sea
Sunday, 8th December | 21:30 | MOE 11
Tuesday, 10th December | 15:15 | MOE 8

Guardians of Time Lost
Saturday, 7th December | 20:15 | MOE 11
Tuesday, 10th December | 12:15 | MOE 11