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194 – Us, children of the camp
Samer Salameh

Samer Salameh was born in Syria and grew up in Yarmouk camp, Damascus. Since a young age, Samer has been active in the field of dramatic and visual arts. After participating in several theatre plays and short films in Damascus, Samer started filming the world around him. In 2008 and 2009, Samer produced his first two independent films narrating the story of Palestinian refugees who had fled Iraq. These films toured several international festivals. After being displaced from Syria in the war of the uprising, Samer has continued directing and editing films, focusing particularly on the events that took place in his native Yarmouk. He recently finished editing ‘Fourth Flour After the Nakba’, based on footage from Syrian Palestinian activist Hassan Hassan and documenting the recent events in Yarmouk camp from the perspective of Hassan and the story of his familial building.

Country of origin: Palestine / Syria / Lebanon
In this film I follow my journey as I am sent to the Palestinian Liberation Army in Syrian, in an attempt to capture my experience of time as I am forced into military service. One month after I start, the Syrian uprising begins. In Yarmouk camp, where I was born and grew up, my friends become involved in the revolution as activists. Together, we try to capture and film the events happening around us and to capture what will be the last traces of our lives and memories in Yarmouk camp. My experience is split between the silence of my life as a soldier in a Palestinian Syrian military base and the acceleration of events unfolding in Yarmouk. As the conflict develops, each of us is thrown into a different direction: some of us leave, others decide to stay and for me, I am constantly seeking ways back home, to Yarmouk, to the story and to history, and the remnants of my memories, dreams and hopes.
Director: Samer Salameh
Producer: Samer Salameh
Cinematographer: Axel Salvatori-Sinz, Thaer Alshali, Abed Alnaji, Abdallah Khatib, Hassan Hassan and Samer Salameh
Sound editor / designer: Osloob