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74 - The reconstitution of a struggle
Rania Rafei

Born in 1979 in Lebanon, Rania Rafei has a diploma in audiovisual and cinema studies from the Lebanese academy of fine arts (ALBA). She wrote and directed short movies "harissa Texas" in 2004, "The dish" and "Manchette" in 2005. She made four videos "Smoking kills", "Minimum precautions", "The four seasons: summer 2006" and "Brain cells" in 2006-2007. She made an installation "Pleurnication" in the exhibition "Bordure, brodure" with the Parisian "Programme de la Seine" in 2005, and in 2006, she made an interactive multimedia installation "The light traveler" in France in the "Arborescence" Festival. In 2010 she made a documentary about love "notes on love in Copenhagen". Since 2005 she has been directing documentaries, awareness spots and music videos about the subject of disability, commissioned by the Special rapporteur on Disability in the UN. She also directed several documentaries for Al Jazeera about street kids, snake hunters, portraits of several artists in the Arab world and the history of student movement in Lebanon and Yemen.

Raed Rafei

Raed El Rafei has worked as a journalist with various publications covering an array of fields (political, social, economic...) since 2004. After completing a BS at the American University of Beirut and a Master degree in Journalism, he first contributed articles for a specialized environmental magazine before moving to work as a reporter for the Lebanese Daily Star. In 2006, after reporting on the summer war between Israel and hezbollah, he joined the Los Angeles Times as a correspondent in Lebanon. he covered the security situation in Lebanon, wrote features on social and political issues and commented on current affairs in various Arab countries. Since october 2008, he has been working as a trainer and an editor for Middle East programs of the Institute for War and Peace reporting.

Country of origin: Lebanon
2012/Arabic/English subtitles/95 mins
In March 1974, a group of students at the American University of Beirut occupied the university's campus. They were objecting to an administrative decision to increase tuition fees. But as the occupation continued for days and weeks, the situation spiraled up and the protest took the dimensions of a leftist revolution against American cultural and political hegemony. This act of rebellion epitomized the struggle of youth in the 70s against capitalistic ideas and cultural imperialism. 74 presents seven young Lebanese activists as they revisit and explore the ideological debates of the 1970s through reenactments of the events that characterized the 1974 student uprising at the American University of Beirut. Blurring the lines between past and present, documentary and fiction, action and intention, 74 attempts to capture the essence of the revolutionary moment.
FID Marseilles – Prix du Groupement National des Cinémas de Recherche, France, 2012
Printemps du cinéma arabe – Paris, France, 2012
Doclisboa, Portugal, 2012
Rencontres Internationales du Documentaire de Montreal (RIDM, Canada, 2012) Delhi International Film Festival, India 2012
yam Beirut Al Cinema’iya, Lebanon 2013
Tetouan International Festival - Morocco 2013 : Prix de la première œuvre
Middle East Now - Florence, Italy 2013
Visions du réel (Focus Liban section) Nyon, Switzerland 2013
Festival Internacional de Curitiba Brazil 2013
Filmfest Hamburg - Germany 2013
DMZDocs - South Korea 2013
Cairo Women Film Festival - Egypt 2013
Caravana de ciné de mujeres arabes-iberoamericanas Oaxaca, Mexico –2014
AFAC film week in Cairo 2015 , Zawya cinema
TV Broadcast:
New TV – Lebanon 27 September 2014
Special screenings:
Une soirée cinéma avec Mediapart, France 2012
Cinémathèque Québécoise Canada 2013
Jeu de Paume cinema Paris 2013
Arsenal cinema – Program “Sights of memory – Films from Lebanon” - Berlin 2013
Villa Mediterranée - Marseille, France 2013
Centre Georges Pompidou :Program “A thousand years of nonlinear history” - Paris, France 2013
Uncommon Commons video program Chicago, USA – February 2014
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