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A time to rest
Myriam El Hajj

Born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1983, Myriam el Hajj did her cinema studies in Lebanon before pursuing her master's degree in filmmaking in Paris. There, she obtained a masters in theatre and has been playing with a troupe of Commedia dell'arte « les Festinanti» for 7 years now.Myriam has directed 2 short films and numerous videos. Her latest short film (Off War Beirut) was produced in France and selected in several festivals. In addition to making films Myriam teaches cinema in Lebanon at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA).

Country of Origin: Lebanon / France
2015/Arabic with English subtitles/66 mins
Beirut 2013. My uncle Riad and his friends, all veterans of the Christian militias in Lebanon still live nostalgia for the war that impassioned their youth. Between shared memories in my uncle's hunting shop and their hunting trips from where they often return empty-handed, I question them, I confront them. What is really left from their old fights, their cause and their ideals in times where Lebanon continues to drown in instability?
2014 A Time To Rest, Documentary
2013 La Mare Nostra, Experimental Video
2009 Off War Beirut, Short Film
2002 Don’t Lead Us Into Temptations, Short Film
Director: Hassen Ferhani
Director: Myriam el Hajj
Script: Myriam el Hajj & Laurent Roth
Cinematographer: FadiKassem
Sound recordist: Emmanuel Zouki, Elia El Haddad and Sarah Kaskas
Editor: Anita Perez
Sound editor & designer: Elia El Haddad
Production: Inthemood… (France) /Abbout productions (Lebanon)
Producers: Hugues Landry,MyriamSassine& Georges Schoucair
Visions du reel, Nyon, Switzerland – 2015
FIDADOC, Agadir, Morocco – 2015
Bejaia Film Days, Algeria 2015
Entrevues de Belfort, France 2015
Carthage Film Festival, Tunisia 2015
Lebanese film festival, Beirut 2016
TV Broadcast:
France 3 Corse : 7 May 2015

Special Screenings:
MuCem – Program “Beyrouth ya Beyrouth”, Marseilles, France 2016