in Like with us

The Screen Institute is now seeking to attract grants totalling to $400,000 annually to secure and continue our activities.
As the overhead costs of the Institute are covered by the Danish agency, IMS, new grant money will go directly to production grants and educational activities.

- Every $20,000 will secure the production of a documentary film or a 2-week development course for 8 young filmmakers.

- Every $100,000 will allow a call for applications benefitting 6-8 film projects.
You may make a bank transfer to the following:

Beneficiary: The Screen Institute Beirut
Account #: 045010 - 702 - 10
Bank name: Bank Audi SAL
Branch: Dora Branch (005)
IBAN: LB40 0056 0000 4501 0702 0020 0510