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All about my father
Zeina Sfeir

Graduated from St-Joseph University, IESAV, Audiovisual Studies. Has worked in the organization of festivals, and directed many promos, and commercial work earlier in her career. Since 2001 she's a member in the cultural association Beirut DC. PR Director and communication on its Arab Film Festival "Cinema Days of Beirut". Since 2007 she's working for the Dubai International Film Festival. She's also the press attaché and distributor of several Lebanese Feature films since 2005. Zeina has Directed several Documentary films, "In Spite Of The War", 2001 which received the award for best Lebanese film at the Beirut International film festival, in 2001 "Life under terror", 2007, "Endless Conflict", 2006 and many more.

Country Of Origin: Lebanon
For over seventy years, Elie Sfeir has been working as a barber in Beirut, at some of the country's most exclusive and refined salons. Now a spry octogenarian, he has a lifetime of memories to share, which he does generously in 'All About My Father', a fascinating portrait of a man who, over the years, has coiffed the heads of politicians, princes and presidents. Filmed at his home by his daughter, filmmaker Zeina Sfeir, this engaging and charming character has heard it all, gossip, intrigue, political thought, personal dilemmas - creating a unique history of Lebanon, heard directly from the lips of those who shaped it. Since starting out in a barbershop in the mountain village of Aley in 1942, to the salubrious salons of the Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut, Elie Sfeir has amassed a personal history that's rich in detail, colourful in anecdotes and throughout this lovely, endlessly surprising set of recollections, utterly fascinating.
Director: Zeina Sfeir
Cinematographer: Zeina Sfeir & Pierre Mouarkech
Producer: Zeina Sfeir
Sound Engineer: Emile Aouad
Editor:Carine Doumit
Sound Design: Carine Bacha
Dubai International Film Festival, UAE 2011
Beirut International Film Festival, Lebanon 2011
Special screenings:
Saint Joseph Antoura College, Lebanon 2011
Theatrical Releases
Metropolis Cinemas Beirut Lebanon, June 2012
Television Acquisition
LBCI Television, Lebanon 2012