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Mohamed Siam

Siam is a director, producer and a cinematographer who has received several international grants in support of his projects, including Sundance Documentary Fund, ITVS, Jan Vrijman Fund (IDFA Bertha), Screen Institute Beirut Film Fund, Fond Francophone, HotDocs, Arab Fund for Arts and Culture, and Gucci Tribeca Doc Fund. A Berlinale and Durban Talent Campus Alumni and winner of Berlin Film Festival Robert Bosch Stiftung Prize and AfriDocs Prize in Durban 2014. Siam has worked on several feature film projects as a 1st Assistant Director including the feature documentary “The City Of The Dead” - a Portuguese/Spanish co-production funded by Canal Plus, premiered in IDFA 2009 and won Best Film at Documenta, Madrid in 2010. His cinematography for films as “Trials of The Spring” & “The Path” among many others were directed by Oscar Nominated filmmakers, produced by Abigail Disney, Forks Films and funded by ITVS, Sundance, Tribeca & MacArthur Foundation.

Country of origin: Egypt, Lebanon
15 year oldAmal takes her anger to the chaotic streets of Cairo after her friends are killed in a riot at a football stadium. Filmed over three years, this deeply moving observational journey follows one girl's discovery and search for her own place, identity and sexuality growing up in a macho violent society within a constantly changing country as she transitions from childhood into adulthood while we witness what does it take to grow up as a young female within a police state in a post-revolution era, and how little choices a young woman could have while growing up in a country in an infantry status.
Director: Mohamed Siam
Producers: Mohamed Siam - Sara Boekemeyer
Cinematography: LottaKillan - Mohamed Siam
Editor: Mohamed Samir
Sound Design: TorbenSeemann - Mustafa Shaaban