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Ali Hammoud

Born and raised in Kuwait, Ali Hammoud is a Lebanese filmmaker, executive producer and artist. He completed his BA in Communication Arts at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Since 2001, he has worked as a freelance director and editor for several TV stations, and on documentary films in Lebanon and abroad. In 2009, Ali directed his debut short documentary, ‘about those who have gone’, which was shown at DocuDays and the Dubai International Film Festival. ‘Asphalt’ is his first feature documentary.

Country of origin: Lebanon, Qatar
2016 / Arabic / English subtitles / 68 min
Asphalt delves into the lives of two truck drivers on the road, crossing borders, towns and cities, loading and unloading goods. Lebanese truck driver, DerarNsseir, transports goods across Syria, Jordan and all the way to other countries. Meanwhile, MohamadMehani (Scooter), an Egyptian, drives across Egypt and to the Sudanese border delivering necessities. Yet these two have one thing in common: making a living in ever-changing scenery on an asphalt road that stretches kilometers across the Arab world. 'Asphalt' takes us on a journey to examine closely the subtle relationship between man and machine, and provides a reflection on life from behind the wheel.
Director: Ali hammoud
Producer: Abir Hashem
Cinematography: FadiYeni Turk
Editor: Raed Zeno
Sound Design: RamziMadi
Visions du réel, Nyon, Switzerland 2016
Lebanese Film festival, Lebanon 2016