in Like with us

August 2014
Director & Producer: Sara Fattahi
The film follows the intimate details of three women from three different generations. The film goes back and forth between the past and the present and the always existing past through the detailed observation of their intersected lives in one house. Three women separated from each other in time, but coexisting in experience and torment of searching for a better life away for the loss and pain of life and the rigors of war. Their lives overlapped with the events in Damascus: the city which lies in constant repetition, watching its organs dying slowly as if it is - just like its population - dying from a long coma.

Director & Producer: Alaa Mosbah
In the shade of the Arab spring two life-long enemies become team players, united only in the hatred for the Mubarak-regime during the protest in Tahrir square. We follow Mohamed (17) and Ali (17), die-hard football fans, protesters, young revolutionaries. Through their eyes we recapitalize the Egyptian revolution and the events to come to discover the relation between football and authority and how the ultras group affected their lives and how their groups affected the revolution

Director: Dina Naser - Producer: Khaled Haddad
Production Company: Jordan Pioneers
In the grim landscape of Mafraq, Jordan, our story opens on the sprawling Zaatari Refugee camp, home to more than 100,000 registered refugees and countless unregistered. We follow the sharp-eyed and eloquently expressive Marwa as she carries her family through crisis, balancing such chores as collecting rations and bailing out her flooded tent with playing outside and singing with her friends. In this land of in between, she and her peers share their hopes and fears about horrors even adults can't fathom, revealing with quiet intensity the childhood stolen from them by violence and destruction.

Here you are...Here I am (Lebanon) PRODUCTION GRANT
Director: Raed Rafei
Producers: Raed Rafei & Irit Neidhardt
"Here you are... Here I am" is a poetic and political visual essay about love, relationships, commitment and identity. The film follows the quest of a couple from two different nationalities, Lebanese and Italian, to overcome real and imagined barriers separating them so as to build a possible future together. Made as a virtual road trip, using a mixture of media from photos, sounds, video and iPhone footage, the film delves into the fundamental questions of the nature of the couple.

In search for Freedom (Tunisia) POST PRODUCTIONGRANT
Director: Hind Meddeb
Producer: Nadim Cheikhrouha & Carole Mirabello
Production Company: Un monde meilleur
In Tunisia, rap was a form of resistance under the dictatorship, and naturally became one of the voices of the revolution. After the fall of the dictator, rappers continued to describe the world they lived in. Their videos on YouTube get hundreds of thousands of hits. They speak out against authoritarian tendencies by the new government. They become one of the voices that demand promises from the democratic transition. After 2012, they became the target of the police and the courts, to intimidate them into silence. In making this movie, I became a committed witness to an alternative movement that's fighting for its rights in Tunisia.