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Be beautiful
Rina Khoury

Rina Khoury is a Jordanian filmmaker based in Egypt. Her career started with Jordan Television where she produced and directed many different shows as well as a few television movies. In 1999 she completed a workshop on film at the New York film academy where she directed and produced her first short film “'The Mirror”.In 2000 she moved to Egypt where she gained her film experience. She directed and produced several short films, “West..East” 2006, “Um el donia” 2003.In 2007, sheco founded“Wika Film”, a company that mainly works on feature films, documentaries and television programs.She participated in ”OPEN DOORS” at the Locarno film festival 2007,“MEDA Films Development” (MFD) Marrakech 2008. In 2010 she completed the EAVE European Producers workshop sponsored by CNC France. Currently, she is working on her feature documentary “Be Beautiful” to be released end of 2015.

Country of origin: Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon
At different times and location in Egypt, both Christians and Muslims travel distances to celebrate their holy ones turning the towns into a big spiritual carnival (el Mulid). Although their journey is loaded with earthly hardships, it brings the true meaning of love, not only for God but real love of life. Through their told stories, four characters of different religious and economic backgrounds lead us physically to these Mulids and back, following their spiritual journey and moving forward.
Director: Rina Khoury
Producer: Rina Khoury
Production company: Wika Film