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Beirut of the Balkans
Nicolas Khoury

Nicolas Khoury was born in 1989 in Beirut Lebanon. He is holder of a Bachelor Degree in Audiovisual from AcademieLibanaise Des Beaux Arts ALBA – 2010. He works as a film editor for documentaries, corporate and TVC’s. His first documentary AL HARA 2012 (46 min) participated in Arab and international festivals and won the Special Jury Price in Mediterranean Film Festival B.H. Beirut of the Balkans is his second independent documentary.

country of origin: Lebanon
2015 / Arabic / English subtitles/ 53 mins
An amazing discovery will determine Ahmad to take a difficult and important decision which will change the course of his life and the life of his family. In the same time this decision will create an exceptional portray of Beirut today and give Ahmad the opportunity to enter again the world of the old Beirut (before 1975 war) this city that he always dreams to visit.
Director: Nicolas Khoury
Producer: Nicolas Khoury
Cinematographer: Ziad Chahoud
Editor: Nicolas Khoury
Sound Editor / designer: Haissam Atme
Les Ecrans du Réel, Beirut, Lebanon 2015