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Sarah Francis

Sarah graduated from IESAV (USJ) in 2005 and her graduation short movie: "Interferences" won the students' film competition in the "European Film Festival" (Beirut, 2005). Through this very first project, the theme of Beirut city was already present. She later directed reports and short documentaries for several TV stations as well as corporate documentaries and Independent projects. She also participated in several workshops. Her personal work also includes painting and photography.

Country of origin: Lebanon, Qatar
The film is the filmmaker's journey in her own city in a glassed van. As she is observing Beirut from behind the glass of her moving bubble (almost like a voyeur), she is constantly looking for something, for someone. From the anonymous world outside, in which elements imbricate in a constant moving chaos, every now and then, a person is captured in the van for a few moments. Inside the box, in front of the camera, the sounds of the city dissolve, the mood is intimate, the anonymous face becomes familiar, the camera looks at him shamelessly, bluntly as he presents himself as an individual, deprived from the distracting elements around him. He comes as a face, as a body, a posture, a voice, an attitude, a mind, an emotion, a point of view, a memory. He comes with a testimony to share, a feeling, a dream. In front of the camera, sitting as if in a little confession room, detached from his environment, the character is invited to experiment a personal moment. The moment (confession) he shares is true, blunt, intimate… but soon enough, the van empties again, and roams around the city, restlessly looking for something... or someone
Director: Sarah Francis
Producers: Joanna Saliba & Sarah Francis
Cinematographers: Nadim Saoma
Editor: Farah Fayed
Editor: Zeina Aboulhosn
Sound Designer & Music: Stephane Rives & Jawad Nawfal
CPH:DOX - Denmark 2013
Dubai International Film Festival - UAE 2013
AFAC Film Week - Beirut –2014
Tetouan International Festival of Mediterranean Cinema – “Best first film” - Morocco –2014
FIDADOC - Agadir, Morocco – 2014
DOXA Festival - Vancouver, Canada –2014
Lebanese Film Festival - Beirut, Lebanon –2014
Med Film Festival,Rome, Italy 2014
International Documentary & Short Film Festival of Kerala, India 2014
DMZ International Documentary Film Festival, South Korea 2014 -White Gooze award for BEST FILM
Arab Film Festival Tuebingen, Germany2014
LATINARAB International Film Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina2014
International Documentary and Video Festival Kassel, Germany 2014
PravoLjudski Film Festival, Sarajevo,Bosnia and Herzegovina 2014 -Special Mention
Cairo International Women's Film Festival, Egypt 2014
Caravan of Arab – Iberoamerican Women’s Films, Managua, Nicaragua 2015
Festival International du Film Oriental de Genève, Switzerland 2015
Silk Road Film festival:Dublin, Ireland 2015: Best Documentary Award
Art of the Real, Lincoln Center, New York – USA 2015
Cinema Sayara, Palestine 2015
International Film Festival Cebère / Portbou, Catalonia/France 2015
Special screenings:
Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam) as a part of “This is the time. This is the record of time” exhibition Videos Les beaux Jours (France, Strasbourg)
Videos Les beaux Jours (France, Strasbourg) Phoenix Art Museum, USA - April 2016