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Champ of the Camp
Mahmoud Kaabour

Mahmoud Kaabour is a multi award-winning filmmaker and lecturer from Beirut and the founder of Veritas Films. His films include "Teta, Alf Marra” , "Being Osama”, and “Champ of the Camp”. He was named to the “100 Most Powerful Arabs Under 40” list in 2015. He resides in Berlin.

country of origin: UAE, Lebanon, Qatar
"Champ of the Camp" follows a massive Bollywood singing competition among the laborers of the UAE at their accommodations and work sites, as they entertain dreams of stardom and speak about the lives they support at home, future dreams, and passion for music in a life of manual labor.
Director: Mahmoud Kaabour
Producer: Eva Sayre
Cinematography: Benjamin Pritchard
Editors: Alan Mackay, Arwa Merchant
Post-production: Creative Kettle
Dubai International Film Festival – Arabian nights - UAE 2013
Digital Studio awards - "Best Production of 2013" Dubai, UAE –2014
Dok.festMunchen – In competition Munich, Germany –2014
New Taipei City Film Festival, Taiwan 2014
Al Jazeera International Documentary Film Festival Qatar 2014
CBGB Music & Film Festival, USA 2014
Golden Island International Film Festival, Cyprus 2014
DocsDF International Documentary Festival of Mexico City, Mexico 2014
Twin Cities Arab Film, Minnesota, USA 2014
Arab Camera Festival Rotterdam, Netherlands 2014
River to River Film Festival, Florence and Rome, Italy 2014
International 1001 Documentary Film Festival, Turkey 2014
Tromsø International Film Festival, Norway 2015
Silk Road Film Festival, Ireland 2015
Films From The South in Oslo – Arab Film days, Oslo, Norway 2015
Workers Unite Film Festival, New York, USA 2015
Dhaka International Film Festival, Nepal 2016.
Glennfest, California, USA 2015
Commercial releases
UAE – 30 January 2014
In-flight movie on Lufthanza and British Airways, April 2015
In-flight movie on Emirates Airlines, June 2015
Video on demand
Go by OSN - June 2014
OSN Play - Starting end of June 2014
iTunes (Available for the Middle East: UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia), May 2015
Special screenings
Rainbow Art House – screening hosted by the Royal Film Commission Amman, Jordan – 9 April 2014
International Labor Organisation and the InstitutPanos Europe conference January 2014
Crossway Foundation, London – 7 May 2015
Museum of Islam Art, Organized by Doha Film Institute, Qatar – 28 & 29 May 2015
Cinema Akil, Dubai, November 2015
Free labor camp screening: Dubai Investments camp, April 2016.
Special screening in “Afterwork,” a group exhibition exploring issues of class, race, labor, and migration, hosted by Para Site gallery in Hong Kong, April 24, 2016.