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December 2014
The Little Eagles (Egypt / Lebanon) POST PRODUCTION GRANT
Director: Mohamed Rashad
Producer: Hala Lotfy
Production Company: Hassala Film Productions
The filmmaker thinks that his relationship with his father, who has never been pleased with his son, has weakened his self-esteem. Upon meeting a young man and a girl, he discovered they both have what he lacks: "self-confidence". He decided to dive into the history of his father, a modest worker, and that of the two young people's fathers, both leftist in the seventies of the last century. While reviewing the history of these characters, the filmmaker relates the events shaped Egypt from 1952 up until 2014.

Beirut of the Balkans (Lebanon) POST PRODUCTION GRANT
Director: Nicolas Khoury
Producer: Nicolas Khoury
An amazing discovery will determine Ahmad to take a difficult and important decision which will change the course of his life and the life of his family. In the same time this decision will create an exceptional portray of Beirut today and give Ahmad the opportunity to enter again the world of the old Beirut (before 1975 war) this city that he always dreams to visit.

Jellyfish (Syria / Lebanon) POST PRODUCTION GRANT
Director: Khaled Abdulwahed
Producer: Mira KAF
Four activists holding the camera for the first time in Zabadani, the suburbs of Damascus since the beginning of the Syrian revolution. Omar,Rudi, Oubaida and Mouhanad filmed the evolution of events in that city. Their desire to show the world what is happening became a tool manipulated by the media. They filmed everything: from life to happiness and hope to death and suffering.

Here I am ... Here you are (Lebanon) POST PRODUCTION GRANT
Director: Raed Rafei
Producers: Raed Rafei & Irit Neidhardt
Eccomi... Eccoti (Here you are... Here I am) is a poetic and political visual essay about love, relationships, commitment, sexual identity and belonging. The film follows the quest of a couple from two different nationalities, Lebanese and Italian, to overcome real and imagined barriers separating them so as to build a possible future together. Made as a collage of various moments between Lebanon and Italy, using a mixture of media from photos, sounds, video and iPhone footage, the film delves into the fundamental questions of the nature of the couple in today's modern world. The film also explores the growing divides between East and West and the desires for immigration to Europe where the promises of social and personal freedoms lie. With the spectre of an imminent exile and the anxiety of social rejection, the film searches for the essence of one's identity.
Beirut Rooster (Syria / Lebanon) POST PRODUCTION GRANT
Director: Ziad Kalthoum
Producer: Ziad Kalthoum
After deserting the Syrian Army where I was doing my military service for three years, I fled to Beirut thinking that I will leave behind me the painful images of the crimes committed by the Syrian Army, but I realized that I live in a city that is a mirror of the war in Syria. Wherever I go in Beirut it reminds me of the war that I fled, with its remaining riddled buildings and war traces, which lead me to look for those who reconstructed this country after a terrible war that destroyed most of it. I found that the Syrian workers were the first to work in the reconstruction and that I shared with them, as a Syrian in this country, the same pain and fear; they are constructing in a country that ended its war, and at the same time their own homes are being destroyed in Syria. They work in harsh and bad conditions; they live inside underground holes and everyday at dawn they climb on towers that they built, then at dusk they return to their underground, in a bitter silence. They are not allowed to circulate in the city; they live for 12 hours beneath it and 12 hours on top of it. They see it from above but they don't walk in it, and I have the same feeling that I live in a big hole in this city and it is time that I leave.

Counterbalance (Lebanon) POST PRODUCTION GRANT
Director: Selim Mourad
Producer: Jana Wehbe
Production companies: c.cam productions
The coming demolition of his house triggers questions in the filmmaker's existence. Being his parents' only child & attracted to men, he reflects upon cutting with the tradition: perpetuate the race or live a radically different life? He embarks on a physical & introspective quest searching for unknown relative to relief him from this responsibility. If this leads nowhere, he will have to go where he never thought he would: looking for a wife

Tangled in Imbroglio (Tunisia / Lebanon) PRODUCTION GRANT
(Previous title: In search of lost place)
Director: Walid Tayaa
Producer: Asma Chiboub
Tunis, in the 20's. Maltese, Italians, Tunisians meet. Stories of impossible love are born and flourish in the Medina, the old city of Tunis. The torments and the joys of the souls are whispered in alleys and houses... One day, the dream is over and these passions are nothing more than forgotten frescos... What happened to those love stories ? What is left of that period ? It's a journey through time, a journey through the « golden years »!

Why filming us now? (Syria / Lebanon) PRODUCTION GRANT
Director: Dana Bakdounes
A group of young Syrians attempt to produce a "no budget" Youtube show about the war in their town, Kefrenbel, only to find reality to always be more expressive of itself. The story is told through the dichotomy of fiction and reality. The lives of three friends from Kefrenbel take different paths as two years of war and revolution pass.

Ibrahim (Lebanon / Palestine / Syria) PRODUCTION GRANT
Director: Lina Alabed
Producer: Rami Nihawi
Ibrahim , my father, is a secret member of the Palestinian Militant Organization " Revolutionary Council " (Abu Nidal), which was known for its notorious intelligence affairs. In 1987, I was 5 years old, He left for few days in a regular mission, but never return back.

Room for a Man (Lebanon) PRODUCTION GRANT
Director: Anthony Chidiac
Producer: Carole Abboud
Production company: c.cam productions
A young filmmaker who shares a Beirut apartment with his mother, sister and pet dog sets about reconstructing his identity by renovating his bedroom. But as the male construction workers come and go in the freshly embattled household, new questions, old arguments and unexpected passions get stirred.

Director: Talal Khoury
From the river source to the river ends. From children working in an endless field to old men carrying heavy furniture in the city.Injustice towards Syrian refuges and towards nature itself does not rest.