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Bassem Fayad

Born in 1975, Bassem Fayad is a Lebanese Director of Photography, Director and Photographer who lives and works in Beirut. He graduated from Saint Joseph University-Beirut in 1998 with a diploma in Audio-Visual and Cinema Studies. Since then, Bassem has worked extensively as a Director and DOP. In 2002 Kodak International chose Bassem as one of the ten best Cinematographers working in Europe and the Middle East for his work in the film "The Chair". A year later, while working as an Executive Director for documentaries about Palestine, Iraq and war zones at O3 Productions in Dubai, Bassem made "Beirut-Baghdad", and "The Road Beyond the Sunset", a road trip feature documentary shot in Iraq. In 2007 Bassem shot "Al Sama Aynama Tashaa" (The Sky Is Not Always Above) with Mohamad Soueid, Lebanon's pioneer director of independent and experimental documentaries. He also shot in 2009 the award winning documentary "The One Man Village" directed by Simon El Habre.

Country of origin: Lebanon / UAE
2014 / Arabic / English subtitles / 75 mins
The film tackles the use of fear in Lebanese society in the raising of children and their education, as well as its direct relation to the (ongoing) civil war. By following the efforts of one person (the director) to deal with his fears and phobias and those of his dog, the film reveals a society that systematically adopts fear as an educational approach, producing generations constantly gearing up for war. Fear can only lead to violence.
Director: Bassem Fayad
Producer: Jad Abi Khalil
Production Company: Beirut DC
Cinematography: Bassem Fayad
Sound: Victor Bress
Sound Engineer: Victor Bress
Dubai International Film Festival, UAE, 2014
Ayam Beirut al cinemai’ya, Lebanon 2015
Dok.Fest Munich, Germany 2015
Alexandria Mediterranean Film Festival, Egypt 2015
Malmo Arab Film Festival, Sweden 2015
San Francisco Arab Film Festival, USA 2015
Carthage Film Festival, Tunisia 2015