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  • 74 - The reconstitution of a struggle
    Directors: Rania and Raed El Rafei

    Born in 1979 in Lebanon, Rania Rafei has a diploma in audiovisual and cinema studies from the Lebanese academy of fine arts (ALBA). She wrote and directed short movies "Harissa Texas" in 2004, "The dish" and "Manchette" in 2005. She made four videos...Read More

  • A man returned
    Director : Mahdi Fleifel

    Mahdi Fleifel is a Danish/Palestinian filmmaker based in Amsterdam. He graduated from theUK National Film and Television School in 2009. His debut feature, ‘A World Not Ours’, waswidely acclaimed.......Read More

  • Asphalt
    Director : Ali Hammoud

    Born and raised in Kuwait, Ali Hammoud is a Lebanese filmmaker, executive producer and artist. He completed his BA in Communication Arts at the University of Alabama at Birmingham......Read More

  • A roundabout in my head
    Previous title: The slaughterhouse
    Director: Hassen Farhani

    Hassen Ferhani was born in Algiers in 1986. In 2006, he directed his first short film « Les Baiesd’Alger» selected in official competition in many international festivals...Read More

  • A time to rest
    Director: Myriam el Hajj

    Born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1983, Myriam el Hajj did her cinema studies in Lebanon before pursuing her master's degree in filmmaking in Paris. There, she obtained a masters in theatre ...Read More

  • A World Not Ours
    Previous Title: After the last goal
    Director: Mahdi Fleifel

    Mahdi studied film at the University of Wales, graduating in 2003. His first short 'Shadi in the Beautiful Well', set in a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon where he spent his childhood years... Read More

  • All about my father
    Director: Zeina Sfeir

    Graduated from St-Joseph University, IESAV, Audiovisual Studies Has worked in the organization of festivals, and directed many promos, and commercial work earlier in her career...... Read More

  • Beirut of the Balkans
    Director: Nicolas Khoury

    Nicolas Khoury was born in 1989 in Beirut Lebanon. He is holder of a Bachelor Degree in Audiovisual from AcademieLibanaise Des Beaux Arts ALBA – 2010...... Read More

  • Birds of September
    Previous title: Encounters
    Director: Sarah Francis

    Sarah graduated from IESAV (USJ) in 2005 and her graduation short movie: "Interferences" won the students' film competition in the "European Film Festival" (Beirut,2005). Through this very first project....... Read More

  • Coma
    Director: Sara Fattahi

    Born in Damascus on 1st of January 1983.She Studied Law at Damascus University, and graduated from Adham Ismail "Fine art Institute in Damascus"....... Read More

  • Champ of the Camp
    Director: Mahmoud Kaabour

    Born in Beirut and based in the UAE, Mahmoud is a multi award-winning filmmaker, writer and lecturer. He graduated with distinction from the Mel Oppenheim School of Cinema in Montreal, after which ....... Read More

  • Conflict 1949 || 1979
    Previous Title: Conflict
    Director: Josef Kaluf

    Born in Beirut in 1979, Josef Kalüf obtained his B.A. in Advertising and Marketing from NDU in 2001. Worked as Production Assistant on "Our Father… On Earth" Feature Film directed by Mounir MaAsri in 2002....... Read More

  • Crayons of Askalan
    Director: Leila Hotait

    Laila Hotait is a filmmaker and curator. She holds a Bachelor in Arabic and Islamic Studies from the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid. As a Fulbright Scholar she studied Cinema....... Read More

  • Cursed be the Phosphate
    Director: Sami Tlili

    Born on March 9th 1985 in Kairouan, (Tunisia), Sami Tlili is a young Tunisian director. A university lecturer in Sousse, he teaches History of Art, francophone literature and African cinema. ....... Read More

  • Diaries of a flying dog
    Previous Title: Therapy
    Director: Bassem Fayad

    Born in 1975, Bassem Fayad is a Lebanese Director of Photography, Director and Photographer who lives and works in Beirut. He graduated from Saint Joseph University-Beirut in 1998 with a diploma in Audio-Visual ... Read More

  • Embers
    Previous title: May 9
    Director: Tamara Stepanyan

    Mahdi studied film at the University of Wales, graduating in 2003. His first short 'Shadi in the Beautiful Well', set in a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon where he spent his childhood years... Read More

  • Extra time
    Director: Alaa Mosbah

    Alaa Mosbah is an Egyptian filmmaker and author. He graduated from the American University in Cairo in 2010. He has worked in Doha Film Institute in 2011 as a producer for HarrerHarrer... Read More

  • Gate #5
    Director: Simon El Habre

    GBorn in Beirut in 1975, Simon El Habre obtained his Diploma in Audiovisual Directing from ALBA in 1998 and graduated from Femis (Paris) in Film and Video Editing in 2000.... Read More

  • Geographies
    Director: Chaghig Arzoumanian

    Chaghig Arzoumanian was born in Beirut in 1988 and at present divides her time between Paris and Beirut. She graduated from the University of Paris VIII holding a double master degree in film direction and in valorization..... Read More

  • Guardians of time lost
    previous title: Trip Tease
    Director: Diala Kashmar

    Born in 1979, Lebanese actress and documentary filmmaker Diala Kashmar lives and works in Beirut. She acquired a BA in Dramatic Arts from the Institute of Fine Arts, Lebanese University. ..... Read More

  • Infiltrators
    Director: Khaled Jarrar

    Khaled Jarrar was born in Jenin, He completed his studies in Interior design at the Palestine Polytechnic University in 1996, and then entered the field of Photography in 2004 and he made his first..... Read More

  • It was better tomorrow
    Director: Hinde Boujemaa

    Graduated in marketing from the Institut Economique de Bruxelles, she followed a training in screenwriting with Educatel-Paris. She then contributed to the scripts of several Tunisian feature films..... Read More

  • It's All In Lebanon
    Previous title: Pop & Propaganda
    Director: Wissam Charaf

    Lebanese/French director, cameraman and editor. In 1998, he moved to Paris, France, where he began to work with the French/German network ARTE, as a news cameraman, editor and journalist. Wissam..... Read More

  • Lissa aicha
    Director: Asma Beseiso

    AsmaBeseiso, Born in 1984, Jordan. A documentary director/videographer who started her film career in 2007. Made over 120 films and videos for TVs (France 24, ARTE, MBC)........ Read More

  • My love awaits me by the sea
    Director: Mais Darwazeh

    Mais Darwazah Having worked across the Middle East in different creative fields, Darwazah's independent film career started by making short experimental films; It Wasn't a Question of Olives (2001)....... Read More

  • Nice to meet you
    Director: Rodrigue Sleiman

    Rodrigue obtained a BA in theatre and acting in 2005 from the Institute of Fine Arts II, the Lebanese University. In the same year, he joined the film school ESEC in Paris and graduated in 2008........ Read More

  • Off frame
    Director: Mohanad Yaqubi

    Mohanad Yaqubi is a filmmaker, Producer and one of the founders of Idioms Film. Heteaches film studies at the International Art Academy in Palestine. He is part of SubversiveFilms, a curatorial .......Read More

  • Oh How I Long
    Previous title: The gate
    Director: Riyad Deis

    He studied film production at the San Francisco City College in the US. Riyad has produced, directed and written several short films that have been screened at international film festivals. ........ Read More

  • Roshmia
    Director: Salim Abu Jabal

    Salim Abu Jabal was born in the occupied Golan in 1971. He has graduated from Haifa University in Theater and Arabic Literature in 2004. Since then he has worked in........ Read More

  • Saken
    Director: Sandra Madi

    LSandra Madi, born in Amman, Jordan 1976, is a Palestinian film Director/Actress/Writer. She has 20 plays on her record that toured many cities in Europe, performing and training young people through many workshops......... Read More

  • Skin
    Director: Afraa Batous

    Afraa Batous was born in Aleppo-Syria in 1986. Graduated from Faculty of Arts and Humanities, English Literature section in 2008. Worked in theater for five years in Aleppo........ Read More

  • Teta, Alf Marra (Grandma, a thousand times)
    Director: Mahmoud Kaabour

    Born in Beirut, Mahmoud is a multi award-winning filmmaker, writer and lecturer. He graduated with distinction from the Mel Oppenheim School of Cinema in Montreal, after which he pursued a documentary focus........ Read More

  • The band
    Director: Albaqer Jafeer

    Albaqer Jafeer was born in Baghdad in 1993 where he lives and works. He learned cinema through practice, by working as assistant director, assistant DOP and director of production on several award ..........Read More

  • The little eagles
    Director: Mohamed Rashad

    Mohamed Rashad is a cofounder at Hassala Films. He was born in Alexandria and he studied cinema at a workshop organized by the Jesuit Cultural Center and the SIMAT Foundation........ Read More

  • This little father obsession
    Previous Title: Counterbalance
    Director: Selim Mourad

    Echoes of the coming demolition of his childhood and current house trigger a series of questions and ideas in the filmmaker’s existence. Being his parents’ only child and attracted to men,........ Read More

  • Those form the shore
    Previous title: Limbo
    Director: Tamara Stepanyan

    Tamara Stepanyan was born in Armenia. She moved to Lebanon with her parents in 1994. After studying and working in Lebanon for 17 years, she moved recently to France where she is writing her first feature fiction......... Read More

  • Tunisia clash
    Previous title: In search for freedom
    Director: Hind Meddeb

    Hind Meddeb has been going back and forth between France and North Africa since her early childhood. She feels at home on both sides of the Mediterranean.She believes this dual identity allows her........ Read More

  • The Immortal Sergent
    Director: Ziad Kalthoum

    He was Born in Homs-Syria in 1981. He graduated from the cinema institute in USSR.He returned back home where he worked as an assistant director with several Syrian Directors such as ......... Read More

  • The Shadow Lawyers
    Director: Samir Eshra

    Born in Al Buhayrah (north of Egypt) in 1986. He graduated from the “Faculty of Mass Communication at Cairo University” and studied film directing at “The Academy of Arts and Technology of Cinema” in Cairo ......... Read More

  • Uncle Nashaat
    Director: Aseel Mansour

    Jordanian Filmmaker, born in Baghdad in 1977. Aseel moved to Amman, Jordan in 1991. He received a Master's degree in Media Psychology from Walden University Minnesota in 2010. In 2010, Aseel founded ShaShat, a multimedia production company in Amman, Jordan ......... Read More

  • We Have Never Been Kids
    Director: Mahmood Soliman

    Mahmood Soliman graduated from the Higher Cinema Institute of Cairo in 1997. He has published several social and political essays in Egyptian and Arab newspapers, and three short-story collections......... Read More

  • Whose Country
    Director: Mohamed Siam

    Mohamed Siam studied psychology before becoming a filmmaker. He has been awarded several international grants for his film projects, including support from the Sundance Institute......... Read More

  • Xenos
    Director: Mahdi Fleifel

    Mahdi Fleifel is a Palestinian filmmaker and visual artist based in London. He was born in Dubai, raised in the Ain El-Helweh refugee camp in Lebanon and later in the suburbs of Elsinore......... Read More

  • Yamo
    Director: Rami Nihawi

    Born in 1982 in Lebanon, Rami Nihawi graduated from the Lebanese University in 2006 with a bachelor degree in Acting and Directing. Since then, Rami has participated in numerous acting, directing and documentary film writing workshops........ Read More

  • Zaineb hates the snow
    Director: Kaouther Ben Hania

    Tunisian director Kaouther Ben Hania studied cinema in Tunisia then in Paris (Fémis and la Sorbonne). She directed several short films including « Wooden hand » (2013), which had a long and successful......Read More