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Alaa Mosbah

Alaa Mosbah is an Egyptian filmmaker and author. He graduated from the American University in Cairo in 2010. He has worked in Doha Film Institute in 2011 as a producer for HarrerHarrer, a traveling story telling workshop that took place in 9 different Arabic capitals, and co-produced an exhibition of 50 short videos about the Arab spring. His short film "Tariq" was selected for the Arab Short Film Competition at Doha Tribeca Film Festival and won Best actor and Best actress awards at Cairo Culture Wheel Film Festival 2013. His new feature documentary “Extra Time” was selected for DocMED Program 2013 and became a finalist in Robert Bosch Stiftung award for the Arab world in Berlinale 2014. His first feature film script “Cairo, earlier” was selected for Rawi scriptwriters’ lab 2013, supported by Sundance institute and the Royal Film Commission in Jordan.

Country of origin: Egypt, Lebanon
In the shade of the Arab spring two life-long enemies become team players, united only in the hatred for the Mubarak-regime during the protest in Tahrir square. We follow Mohamed (17) and Ali (17), die-hart football fans, protesters, young revolutionaries. Through their eyes we recapitalize the Egyptian revolution and the events to come to discover the relation between football and authority and how the ultras group affected their lives and how their groups affected the revolution.
Director: Alaa Mosbah
Producers: Alaa Mosbah – Eslam Abdel Razek
Cinematographer: Khaled Kamel
Editor: Ahmed Nader
Script: Alaa Mosbah
Sound Designer: Moslim Hosseiny