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  • 2015
    Directors: Talal Khoury

    Born in Beirut, in 1976, Talal Khoury obtained his Cinematography diploma from The Art Institute at Bournemouth in England in 2002.Since then he works as director of photography for Documentaries....Read More

  • 194 – Us, children of the camp
    Director: Samer Salameh

    Samer Salameh was born in Syria and grew up in Yarmouk camp, Damascus. Since a young age, Samer has been active in the field of dramatic and visual arts. After participating in several theatre plays......Read More

  • A comedian in a Syrian tragedy
    Director: Rami Farah

    Rami Farah is a young Syrian filmmaker born in 1980. He first studied dance in the higher Institute of arts in Damascus then he studied documentary films in the Arab Film Institute in Amman.......Read More

  • Amal
    Director: Mohamed Siam

    Siam is a director, producer and a cinematographer who has received several international grants in support of his projects, including Sundance Documentary Fund, ITVS, Jan Vrijman Fund (IDFA Bertha).......Read More

  • A room for a man
    Director: Anthony Chidiac

    Anthony Chidiac graduated from St Joseph University Beirut with a B.A in audiovisual studies. Since his graduation, Anthony directed a medium length documentary 'Equal Men' (34' - 2010) in the frame of the exchange program.......Read More

  • Be beautiful
    Director: Rina Khoury

    At different times and location in Egypt, both Christians and Muslims travel distances to celebrate their holy ones turning the towns into a big spiritual carnival (el Mulid). Although their journey is loaded ......Read More

  • Dance with a bullet
    Director: Dhyaa Joda

    DhyaaJoda was born in 1979 in Baghdad, Iraq. He studied cinema at the University of Fine Arts in Baghdad and graduated in 2004......Read More

  • Fathers & sons
    Director: Talal Derki

    Talal Derki was born in Damascus in 1977 and studied film directing in Athens. He worked as an assistant director for feature film productions and was a director for different Arab TV programs......Read More

  • Fish killed twice
    Director: Ahmed Fawzi Saleh

    Ahmed Fawzi Saleh is a director and a human rights activist. Born in Alexandria, Saleh was raised in Port Said and holds a degree in History from Suez Canal University......Read More

  • (Flaubert’s) My travel through Lebanon
    Director: Nadim Tabet

    Born in Beirut, Nadim Tabet shows as of his young age an interest to cinema, first by watching numerous movies, then by shooting short fictions in video. In 1999, he goes to France to pursue his......Read More

  • Hayat
    Director: Rouba Atiyeh

    RoubaAtiyeh moved from theatre to Documentary filmmaking in 2002. After finishing an MA in Documentary film from Goldsminth’s College, she made several TV documentaries for Aljazeera documentary channel ......Read More

  • Here I am…Here you are
    Director: Raed Rafei

    Raed Rafei is a Lebanese filmmaker, writer and multimedia journalist. Since 2004, he has worked as a reporter and blogger covering political, social and economic issues related to Lebanon and the Middle East for local......Read More

  • In grey depth
    Director: Mona Lotfy

    Mona Lotfy was born in Cairo and studied child psychology at Suez Canal University. She studied filmmaking at the Jesuit Cultural Center in 2010-2012 where she wrote and directed five short features......Read More

  • Ibrahim
    Director: Lina Alabed

    Lina Alabed is a Palestinian filmmaker Born in 1980. Graduated from the Faculty of journalism at Damascus University with a documentary about a Syrian author Mohamed Al-Maghout .......Read More

  • Jellyfish
    Previous title:Projection
    Director: Khaled Abdulwahed

    Khaled Abdulwahed is a creative visual artist born in Homs, Syria in 1975. He started his career in design & art specializing in mainstream media and visual Communication arts.......Read More

  • Miguel's war
    Director: Eliane Raheb

    Eliane Raheb has directed the short films “The last screening” and “Meeting”, and the documentaries “Karib Baiid (So near yet so far)”, “Intihar (Suicide)” and “Hayda Lubnan (This is Lebanon)” ........Read More

  • On the fence
    Director: Nesrine El-Zayat

    Nesrine El-Zayat was born in Upper Egypt in the governorate of Sohag. She studied sociology at the University of the South Valley. She made two short documentary films, “WARD NO.6” in 2008 .......Read More

  • Obscure
    Director: Soudade Kaadan

    Soudade Kaadan is a Syrian director, born in France. She studied theater criticism in the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Syria and graduated from Saint Joseph University Institute des Etudes Scénique.......Read More

  • Prison
    Director: Rana Eid

    Rana Eid was born in 1976 in Beirut. She received her BA in Cinema in 1999 and her MA in Film Sound in 2002 both from Université Saint Joseph, IESAV.In 2002 she trained for a year in Sound Editing at GTC ........Read More

  • Scars And Traces
    Previous title: Bab el Tabaneh
    Director: Remi Itani

    Lebanese director Remi Itani obtained her Bachelor Degree in Communication Arts in 2009 from the Lebanese American University LAU. Between 2006 & 2009 she made two short films and one short documentary.........Read More

  • The changing map of Lebanon
    Director: George Tarabay

    Born in Byblos in 1984 is a project coordinator at the audio visual department of Notre Dame University and Program coordinator of the NDU International film festival..........Read More

  • Tangled in Imbroglio
    Previous title:In search of lost place
    Director: Walid Tayaa

    From an early age, Walid Tayaa has adhered the Tunisian Federation of Amateur Filmmakers and to the Tunisian Federation of Film Clubs. Following his studies in Sociology.........Read More

  • Tiny souls
    Director: Dina Naser

    Dina Naser holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Art and Graphic Design from the Applied Science University in Jordan, and is currently pursuing her masters in Documentary Film Direction through ........Read More

  • Will She Win the War?
    Director: Mina Keshavarz

    Mina Keshavarz was born in Iran in 1984. She has a B.S. in Industrial Engineering. Since 2002 she has been working as a documentary filmmaker, journalist and researcher for documentary film projects.........Read More

  • Waiting for the train
    Director: Zeina Sfeir

    Zeina Sfeir, Born in Beirut in 1974.Graduated from St-Joseph University, IESAV, Audiovisual Studies in 1997. Works in the field of advertising, marketing, film distribution and in the organization of festivals.........Read More

  • Waiting for Dawn
    Director: Mary Jirmanus

    Mary Jirmanus work explores social movement in the Middle East and Latin America, and collaborations across the regions -- engaging critically with the tension between democratic rhetoric ........Read More

  • What comes around
    Director: Reem Saleh

    Reem Saleh graduated from the Lebanese American University in Beirut with a BA in Radio, TV and Film. She began her career as a stage and film actress, winning a local acting competition on .......Read More

  • You Come From Faraway
    Director: Amal Ramsis

    Amal Ramsis is an Egyptian filmmaker who was born and raised in Cairo. She has studied cinema in Madrid between 2003-2005. She has conducted numerous workshops around the world with women .......Read More