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Rouba Atiyeh

RoubaAtiyeh moved from theatre to Documentary filmmaking in 2002. After finishing an MA in Documentary film from Goldsminth’s College, she made several TV documentaries for Aljazeera documentary channel, other independent producers, and two shorts. Currently she’s working on her first hybrid feature, “Hayat”. And also on her first video art work “Yabous”.

Country of origin: Lebanon
Rouba, an Arab woman in her late thirties, tries to resolve her issues with her very prominent mother figure whom she has a strong attachment to, Hayat.The film tries to explore how one person can totally internalize the narrated memories of another by linking streams of memories with Rouba's current personal journey. As Hayat’s success seems to have cost her a lot on the intimate level, Rouba wavers between keeping a low profile, especially with men, and between drawing on the shining power that her mother has. As she has totally internalized her mother's memories and sufferings, she seeks to de-structure her different streams of memories and create a new narrative by exploring different methods of representation as the film advances.
Director: Rouba Atiyeh
Producer: Rouba Atiyeh
Line Producer: Mona Zeidan
Cinematography: Farah Qassem, Ali Shiran