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Lina Alabed

Lina Alabed is a Palestinian filmmaker Born in 1980. Graduated from the Faculty of journalism at Damascus University with a documentary about a Syrian author Mohamed Al-Maghout, broadcast on Aljazeera Documentary channel in 2007. She went into a cooperative work with Danish directors on documentary about Palestinian Refugees between Europe and Middle East. In 2009 her second short doc was financed by Al-Arabiya TV entitled "Noor Alhuda" granted the DOX-BOX jury Award as best Syrian film in 2010. Lina produced and a directed her feature documentary film "Damascus my first kiss" which was broadcasted on ARTE.

Country of origin: Palestine /Syria/Lebanon
The film deals with the story behind the disappearance of Ibrahim Alabed back in 1987.Lina Alabed lives in Damascus and carries a Jordanian passport; she's Ibrahim's middle child, and the only one among her brothers and sisters to decide or had the chance to visit her father's hometown in Palestine. The thirty three-year-old daughter is asking her father today: where did we come from? How long it should we stay here? And where to return? Questions about a homeland; with several passports and different identities.
Director: Lina Alabed
Producer: Rami Nihawi
Script: Lina Alabed
Cinematographer: Bassam Chekhs
Editor: Bassam Chekhs
Sound Designer: Lama Sawaya