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In grey depth
Mona Lotfy

Mona Lotfy was born in Cairo and studied child psychology at Suez Canal University. She studied filmmaking at the Jesuit Cultural Center in 2010-2012 where she wrote and directed five short features, and was both editor and director of photography for four of the shorts. Her short filmA Walk in the Grey Sun participated at the Arab Film Festival Rotterdam, the 2nd International Meeting of Arab Cinemas in Marseille and other film festivals. And currently she’s working on her first feature length creative documentary ‘In Grey Depth’, the film Developed in Docmed Program for Arab producers and directors 2013, and many other programs such as Dubai film market 2013, Berlinale Talents 2014 and Doc Campus 2014.

Country of origin: Egypt, France, Lebanon
Going in double darkness (psychological and physical) through walking 50 years in the history of hope and failure in the tunnels of ‘Al-Maghara’ the only coalmine in Egypt ‘’ in the desert of Sinai ’’ a place known for neglect, isolation and also known for its beauty, treasures and miracles. The film tells the story of ‘Al-Maghara’, and the stories of the minors who used to work hundreds of meters underground fearlessly and accompanied by complete darkness. These stories of the mine will be recited by (main character) Hasan saad ’75 years’ the oldest miner who is working in the mine since 1964 and other miners from each stage of the mine. The mine witnessed the political, economical and social transformations that Egypt went through with different presidents but it always had the same fate ‘’ shutdown’’. The film will convey the silence and isolation that these miners went through in this remote desert, and it will show how this remoteness turned these notions into undefined emotions and created out of the mine a timeless zone weighted with restless dreams and hidden fears. It is a journey to the heart of the dark … that resembles the brutality of sensory deprivation we're enduring through the course of life … and how do we sustain this deprivation and pressure without losing our sanity? Or maybe we do?
Director: Mona Lotfy
Producers: Delphine Morel & Hala Lotfy
Production company: Ts Productions & Hassala Films
Script: Mona Lotfy
Cinematographer: Mahmoud Bashir