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Khaled Jarrar

Born in Jenin, Khaled Jarrar completed his studies in interior design at the Palestine Polytechnic University in 1996. He then started working in photography and is known for his exhibition in 2004 at the Howarra and Qalandya checkpoints where he put up his photos in a manner to be seen by the Israeli soldiers. He also started making films and videos; his first short video "Journey 110" had a big success and was selected at several international festivals and art galleries (Basel Art 41, Instant Video, London Film Festival). In 2011 he graduated from the International Academy of Art (Palestine). As a visual artists, Jarrar works with photography, video and performance. He lately became famous for his project "Live and work in Palestine" which consisted in creating the first unofficial Palestinian stamp that he uses to stamp official passports of people from all nationalities around the world.

Country of origin: Palestine, Lebanon
The film unravels adventures of various attempts by individuals and groups during their search for gaps in the Wall in order to permeate and sneak past it. Lookouts, fear, angst, running, permeation, jumping off, crawling, passing through dark passages, are stages of a complex process of passing through to the "other side" and require a very specific state of mind. Some attempts end in failure, and others in success. Some are caught by the Israeli soldiers and others reach their destination. It's a cat and mouse game, in which failure leads to more persistence and success is an antithesis to cat's theories of security.
Director: Khaled Jarrar
Producers: Sami Shanaah
Production Company: Idioms Film
Cinematographer: Khaled Jarrar
Editor: Geaton Harem
Sound Design: Carl Svensson
Dubai International Film Festival Winner of Muhr Arab Documentary Special Jury Prize and the FIPRESCI Award for Best Documentary
Ayam Beirut Al Cinema’iya - Lebanon 2013
London Palestine Film festival - UK 2013
Docs Barcelona - Spain 2013
Home works 6 - Lebanon 2013
Edinburgh International film festival - UK 2013
Jerusalem Festival - Palestine 2013
Franco-Arab Festival in Ramallah - Palestine 2013
Festival des cinemas Arabes – IMAG’IMA - Institute du Monde Arabe - France 2013
Sarajevo International Film Festival - Human rights day - Bosnia Herzegovina 2013
Malmo Arab Film festival – Sweden 2013 : Jury Documentary Award
Milano International Film Festival - Italy 2013
Toronto Palestine Film Festival - Canada 2013
Chicago Film Festival - USA 2013 - Gold Hugo Award
Boston Palestine Film Festival- USA 2013
DC Palestine Festival of Arts and Films - USA 2013
Muestra de cine Palestino - Spain 2013
Palestine: filmer c’est exister - Switzerland 2013
Al Ard Doc Film festival – Cagliari, Italy 2013 : Best Documentary Film Award
Middle East: what can cinema do? - France 2013
Festival International du Cinémad’Alger – Jury mention “Filmer à tout prix”Algeria –2013
Karama Human Rights Film festival Palestine –2014
Checkpoint Helsinki Finland - 2014
One World – International Human Rights Film Festival Prague, Czech Republic –2014
Eye on Palestine – Arts & Film Festival Belgium –2014
Films from Palestine Amman Jordan –2014
Salaam Film & Dialog, Denmark 2014
Arab Latin film festival,Buenos Aires- Argentina 2014
AMAL film festival- Santiago de compostila,Spain 2014
Festival Des Libertes, Brussels, Belgium 2014
Doclisboa, Portugal 2014
Salaam Film Festival, Copenhagen – Denmark2014
Carthage Film Festival, Tunisia2014
LATINARAB International Film Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2014
Festival Ciné-Palestine , Paris, France 2015
TV Broadcast:
BBC Arabic, September 2014
Special screening:
Popular art center Biré – Palestine - 28 July 2013
Beyond Boards Scotland Film Filmhouse Edinburgh – UK - 20 August 2013
Duke university in North Carolina USA - November 2013
Al Quds Cinema, Yabbous Cultural Center, Palestine – 31 January 2015
Commercial release:
More than 40 cinemas in different cities in Spain - September 2013