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It's all in Lebanon
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Wissam Charaf

Lebanese/French director, cameraman and editor. In 1998, he moved to Paris, France, where he began to work with the French/German network ARTE, as a news cameraman, editor and journalist. Wissam has directed 3 short films: “Hizz Ya Wizz”, “A hero never dies”, and “An army of ants”. This film competed in the Locarno Film Festival, and obtained the Jury prize in the Lunel Film Festival in France. He is currently writing his first full-length feature film, “Heaven sent”.

Country of Origin: Lebanon / UAE
2011/Arabic & French/English subtitles/62 mins
In Lebanon, after 17 years of civil war that left 200 000 persons dead, we miraculously managed our way out of war. But 20 years later, have we managed to build a nation? This film tells the story of the peaceful years of a schizophrenic country, a country torn between the desire to turn the page and forget, and the desire to remember and keep fighting, “till the liberation of Jerusalem”. Based on the main events that took place in Lebanon since the end of civil war and how the concerned political parties presented them to the masses through video-clips of propaganda, “It’s All in Lebanon” is a journey through the icons of modern Lebanon. A country torn between violence, lust and amnesia.
Director: Wissam Charaf
Producers: Pierre Sarraf & Monika Borgmann
Production Companies: NE A BEYROUTH Production & UMAM Productions
Cinematographer: Talal Khoury
Editor: Anne de Mo
Sound Design & Mix: Rana Eid
Voice Over: Fadi Abi Samra
Color Grading & Online: VTR Beirut
Dubai International Film Festival (Arabian nights) UAE, 2011
Al Jazeera International Film Festival Qatar, 2012
London International Documentary Festival UK, 2012
Baghdad International Film Festival (Human Images Official Competition) Iraq, 2012
Alfilm: Arab Film Festival Berlin Germany, 2012
Carthage Film Festival (In competition) – Winner of the Bronze Tanit, Tunisia, 2012
Visions du réel -Focus Lebanon - Nyon, Switzerland 2013
Festival des libertés - Brussels, Belgium 2013
Lebanese Film Festival - Sydney, Australia 2013
Special Screenings
Jacob Burns Center, New York USA 2012
Commercial Release
Metropolis Cinemas Beirut Lebanon, 31st May 2012
TV Acquisition
La Chaine Parlementaire, France - 2013
Danish TV – 2013