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Khaled Abdulwahed

Khaled Abdulwahed is a creative visual artist born in Homs, Syria in 1975. He started his career in design & art specializing in mainstream media and visual Communication arts. He has several mixed-media and fine-art photography exhibitions in his portfolio; among which his participation in “Uninhabitable Spaces” in 2010 at the Espace Dupon Art Space in Paris, France. In 2011, Khaled started mixing creative media with a documentary approach and realized three short films; “Bullet” in 2012 a short animation film that was screened in Berlin Art Biennale, in Berlin Germany and Impakt Festival in Amsterdam Netherlands; his second film “Tuj” (video art) 2012 was screened at The Syria Street Festival in Berlin, Germany, What Cinema can Do Festival in Brussels, Belgium, Georges Pompidou in Paris France and at the Milano Film Festival in Milan, Italy. His latest film “Slot in Memory” was screened at Bab El Shams theatre in Beirut, Lebanon and is currently receiving worldwide recognition. Khaled is currently working on his first feature length documentary “Projection”, in final production phase.

Country of origin: Syria, Lebanon
In the absence of professional media, did the world receive the truth of the Syrian conflict through the lenses of activists or merely their personal perceptions? “Projection” explores the testimonies of the photographers who filmed the events and questions the motives behind the news or the report. Were these photographers able to really transmit the true picture of the happenings fairly? What is the relationship between the visual perception of the reporter and the event or the piece of news he or she is reporting? And what is their relation to the party through which they wish to publicize their footage? Did they transmit the real message their footage is supposed to communicate or did they convey their own personal views as eye witnesses influenced by a propaganda that has forcefully imposed itself?
Director: Khaled Abdulwahed
Production Company: KAF Production