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Asma Beseiso

AsmaBeseiso, Born in 1984, Jordan. A documentary director/videographer who started her film career in 2007. Made over 120 films and videos for TVs (France 24, ARTE, MBC), worked with NGOs (The United Nations, Care International) and other production companies. In 2010 Asma started giving workshops in documentary filmmaking for beginners. In 2012 she received a scholarship to receive a higher diploma degree in Directing for Cinema and TV from El Instituto del Cine Madrid, Spain. Asma received production number of awards for her films.

Country of Origin: Jordan / Lebanon
In a tribal country where family name and status are more important than the person himself, Aisha, a 27 years old psychology graduate was abandoned by her parents at the age of months and raised in foster homes. Not only that Aisha had to survive the tough life in an underdeveloped country, but also to strive for love and acceptance by an unmerciful society. The film was shot during the years 2010-2014.
Director: AsmaBeseiso
Producer: Rima Abou Baker
Cinematographer: Asma Beseiso
Editor: EyadHamam -Grey Scale Productions
Sound Editor / designer: Yousef Abu Own - Rawafed Productions
Grading & Color correction: Konstantina Stavrianou - Graal productions
Sheffield Film Week, Amman, Jordan 2016