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March 2014
"Champ of the camp" by Mahmoud Kaabour
The film that premiered at DIFF 2013 had its commercial release in the UAE in January 2014

Digital Studio awards - "Best Production of 2013"
Dubai, UAE - March 2014
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Muscat International Film Festival
Oman - March 2014

"My love awaits me by the sea" by Mais Darwazah
Tempo Documentary Festival (Competing on Stefan Jarl International Doc award )
Sweeden - March 2014
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AFAC Film Week
Beirut - March 2014

L'Europe Autour de L'Europe (Main Competition)
Paris, France - April 2014
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International Frauen Film Festival
Cologne, Germany - April 2014
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Istanbul International Film Festival
Turkey - April 2014
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Aflam Marseille
France - April 2014

"Birds of September" by Sarah Francis
AFAC Film Week
Beirut - March 2014

"A world not ours" By Mahdi Fleifel
Magnificent 7 European Feature Documentary Film Festival
Belgrade - January 2014
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Human Rights Watch film festival
Amsterdam - February 2014
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Mediterranean Film Days: Munich
Munich, Germany - February 2014
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Jameson Dublin International Film Festival
Ireland - February 2014
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Big Sky Award
Minnesota, USA - February 2014
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Commercial release in the UK in February 2014 World Film Festival
Estonia - March 2014
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"Infiltrators" by Khaled Jarrar
Karama Human Rights Film festival
Palestine - January 2014

Checkpoint Helsinki
Finland - March 2014
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One World - International Human Rights Film Festival
Prague, Czech Republic - March 2014
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Eye on Palestine - Arts & Film Festival
Belgium - March 2014
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« Guardians of time lost » by Diala Kashmar
Ecrans du reel
Beirut - March 2014