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Miguel's war
Eliane Raheb

Eliane Raheb has directed the short films “The last screening” and “Meeting”, and the documentaries “Karib Baiid (So near yet so far)”, “Intihar (Suicide)” and “Hayda Lubnan (This is Lebanon)” which received the Excellency Award at the Yamagata film festival, and was broadcasted on ARTE/ZDF/ Al Jadeed and NHK. In 2012 she directed her first feature documentary “Sleepless nights” that was premiered at the San Sebastian film festival, and won 5 awards. Sleepless Nights was ranked as Top 5th film at the Sight and Sound magazine classification for the best documentaries of 2013.

Country of origin: Lebanon
When he was a teenager, “Migo” decided to participate in the Lebanese civil war to prove to his family that he exists and could fight like a “real man”. In the battlefields he lived a great fear and he had his first sexual experience with one of the toughest militiaman. Later he turned into a self-destructive person, living with the eternal feeling of guilt and shame. Today, aged 50, Migo is still emotionally damaged. The film will accompany him in a trip of self-confrontation and emotional reparation, and in his quest for finding true Love.
Director and Producer: Eliane Raheb
Production company: ITAR films
Co-producer: Felipe Lage