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My love awaits me by the sea
Mais Darwazeh

Having worked across the Middle East in different creative fields, Darwazah's independent film career started by making short experimental films; "It Wasn't a Question of Olives" (2001), "The Human Puppet" (2005), "Still Waiting" (2007) and "Aisha's Journey" (2009). She received the British Council scholarship, completing an MA in Documentary Directing (UK, 2007). Her graduation film "Take Me Home" (54', 2008) screened in numerous international festivals. "My Love Awaits Me By the Sea", is her first feature-length documentary and it has participated at the Berlinale's DocStation (2009), and was granted the Sundance Documentary Fund (2010) and Sanad Development Fund (2011).

Country of origin: Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon
The film pays tribute to Hasan Hourani, an artist whose work has become popular for its imaginative simplicity, giving a sense of hope and a belief in a dream, an emotional state necessary for the present generation struggling to avoid the numbness imposed on it by the various political and social realities of today. The film tells a story of a girl (the director) who falls in love with the artist that she never met and travels back to her homeland looking for her lover by the sea.
Director: Mais Darwazah
Producers: Rula Nasser
Production Company: Imaginarium Films – Jordan
Cinematography: Arlette Girardot
Sound: Issa Jalal
Editor: Vartan Avakian
Toronto International Film Festival - Canada 2013
CPH:DOX - Denmark 2013
Dubai International Film Festival - UAE 2013
AFAC Film Week -Beirut – March 2014
Tempo Documentary Festival (Competing on Stefan Jarl International Doc award ) -Sweden – 2014
L'Europe Autour de L'Europe (Main Competition) -Paris, France –2014
International Frauen Film Festival - Cologne, Germany - 2014
Istanbul International Film Festival - Turkey - 2014
Aflam Marseille - France –2014
FIDADOC - Agadir, Morocco –2014
Planete Doc Film Festival (Main Competition) - Poland –2014
Human Rights Arts and Film Festival - Melbourne, Australia – 2014
Ismailia International Film Festival - Egypt –2014
New Directors New Films Festival, Portugal 2014 - Golden Linx Award
Femina – Festival Internacional de Cinema Feminino, Brazil 2014 - Grand Prix Femina
Med Film Festival – “Open eyes” section, Rome 2014 -Best Documentary Award
International Documentary & Short Film Festival of Kerala, India 2014
Sarajevo Film Festival, Bosnia 2014
CNEX Documentary Film Festival, Taiwan 2014
Malmo Film Festival, Sweden 2014
Mostra Mundo Árabe de Cinema, Sao Paolo, Brazil 2014
Toronto Palestine Film Festival, Italy2014
Boston Palestine Film Festival, USA 2014
Madrid Palestine Film Festival, Spain 2014
CineMigrante, Argentina 2014
Muestra de cine Palestino, Madrid 2014
London Palestine Film Festival 2014
Twin Cities Arab Film, Minnesota, USA 2014
Latin Arab Film Festival, Argentina 2014 -Best Feature Film Award
Asia Pacific Screen Awards, Australia 2014
Carthage International Film Festival, Tunisia 2014
Cairo International Women's Film Festival, Egypt 2014
Way Palestine Film Festival, Amman, Jordan 2015
Silk Road Film Festival, Ireland 2015
Palestinian Film Festival in Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2015
Muestra De Cine Palestine de Andalucia, Cordoba, Spain 2015
Special Screenings
Palestine Tour Ramallah: Al Qasabah Cinema and Theatre, 21/12/2014, 6pm
Jenin: Cinema Jenin, 23/12/2014, 3pm
Haifa: The Arab Culture Association, 9/1/2015, 7pm
Nazareth: Cinemana Theatre, 11/1/2015, 8pm
Acre: Al Laz Theatre, 12/1/2015, 7pm
Jaffa: Al Saraya Theatre, 14/1/2015, 8pm
Jerusalem: Yabous Cultural Centre, 15 and 16/1/2015, 6pm
Bethlehem: Dar Annadwa, 16/1/2015, 6pm
CinémathèqueAlgérienne, Algeria – January 2015
Dreaming Palestine (A three day program organized by the University of California), Santa Barbara, USA – February 2015
I/Eye in conflict, Barbican Center, London – UK – March 2015