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(Flaubert’s) My travel through Lebanon
Nadim Tabet

Born in Beirut, Nadim Tabet shows as of his young age an interest to cinema, first by watching numerous movies, then by shooting short fictions in video. In 1999, he goes to France to pursue his studies in philosophy, history and cinema at the Sorbonne University. In parallel to his studies, he directs numerous shorts movies filmed in Super 8mm and in HD. In 2001, Nadim Tabet is a founding member of the LEBANESE FILM FESTIVAL. Since 2011, he selects films for the Oberhausen International Film Festival in Germany. In 2013, he was commissioned by the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris to organize a Gulf Film Festival. He is currently preparing his first feature film: A Concert in Beirut. And a feature documentary: (Flaubert’s) My Travel through Lebanon.

Country of origin: Lebanon
In today’s Lebanon, I’m trying to direct a fiction based on the Lebanese part of Gustave Flaubert’s Oriental Travel. But with a completely transformed landscape and with the uprisings in the Arab world, I realize that it isn’t that easy to do this adaptation. Why make a “fiction” in a country with such a “documentary” reality?
Scriptwriter & Director: Nadim Tabet
Producer: WadihSafieddine
D.O.P. Lebanon: Talal Khoury
D.O.P. France: Paul Costes
Sound Engineer: Stéphane Rives
Editor: Nadim Tabet
Grading: BelalHibri
Sound Design & Mix: HaissamAtme