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30 November, 2018
New Handbook Published Under The Title “Gender-Related Opportunities In The Audiovisual Sector”

The team behind the project “SouthMed WiA, Towards Greater Gender Equality: Promoting the Role and Image of Women in the Southern Mediterranean Audiovisual Sector”, has published an unprecedented handbook under the title “Gender-related Opportunities in the Audiovisual Sector”.

The new publication fills an important gap in the existing publications available to film professionals. For the first time ever, in Arabic and in English, a book puts together relevant information about gender equality opportunities in the audiovisual sector in the South Mediterranean, in different areas such as production, funding, exchange and networking, knowledge building and selected public initiatives.

This publication is the result of a research carried by CUMEDIAE aisbl, a member of the Consortium. It has been conceived to be a useful tool for any individual or organization involved or willing to get involved into activities promoting the gender balance and gender awareness effort. The research combines information about best practices which may trigger the establishment of synergies and networking opportunities, together with information on film industry institutions and opportunities with a direct or indirect link to gender which may be of benefit to film professionals in the Project targeted countries and beyond.

Why a handbook?

A survey was carried out at the very beginning of the project SouthMed WiA, with the intention to produce an Inception report for internal use and as very initial mapping of what kind of information was available in support of gender-related activities in the Region. The results confirmed the pressing need of making an effort to identify and systematize any available relevant information on programs and activities regarding gender and the audiovisual sector in the target countries, and to collect practical information to facilitate access to the industry and its professionals.

The handbook can be downloaded at:

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