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October 2014
Be Beautiful (Jordan / Egypt / Lebanon) POST PRODUCTION GRANT
Director: Rina Khoury
Producer: Rina Khoury
Production Company: Wika Film
At different times and location in Egypt, both Christians and Muslims travel distances to celebrate their holy ones turning the towns into a big spiritual carnival (el Mulid). Although their journey is loaded with earthly hardships, it brings the true meaning of love, not only for God but real love of life. Through their told stories, four characters of different religious and economic backgrounds lead us physically to these Mulids and back, following their spiritual journey and moving forward.

Fish killed Twice (Egypt / Lebanon) POST PRODUCTION GRANT
Director: Ahmed Fawzi Saleh
Director: Ahmed Fawzi Saleh
Producer: Karim Aitouna & Thomas Micoulet
Production Company: Haut les mains productions
The film traces the exceptional fate of two young men who are sentenced to death in the shadow of the changing political situation in Egypt.

The last supper ... For the Revolutionaries (Syria / Egypt /Lebanon) POST PRODUCTION GRANT
Director: Ammar Al Beik
Producer: Hossam Elouan
Production Companies: Transit films & Shams Films
An Artistic challenge brings together Syrian director Ammar Al Beik and Syrian Kurdish artist Nihad Al- Turk . The challenge is to draw a 2x4 square meters painting titled " The Last Supper... For The Revolutionaries ". Date: Friday, May 27, 2011, which was called by Syrian revolutionaries " Goma'at Homat Al-Diyar: Friday of Defenders of Homes ". The demonstrations coincided with the news of the martyrdom of the Syrian revolution icon child Hamza al-Khatib . After four years, in the end of 2014, Nihad as millions of displaced Syrians is waiting for his wife to return from Syria to Beirut-their temporary exile. He expects her to come back with his painting " The Last Supper ... For The Revolutionaries ", and a valid passport that will enable them to leave Beirut to unknown destination.

Dance with a bullet (Iraq / Belgium / Lebanon) PRODUCTION GRANT
Director: Dhyaa Joda
Producer: Maarten Schmidt
Production company: Storyhouse
Co-producer: Talal Al-Muhanna - Linked productions
Spanning ten years, Dance with a Bullet is a documentary that tells the intertwined story of Iraqi dancer Anmar Taha and his friend and filmmaker Dhyaa Joda . After the U.S. led invasion of Iraq, when hope for a freer future began to disintegrate in the face of sectarian violence and chaos, the two friends fled Baghdad and headed for Europe, where they have remained living in exile ever since. Through the stories of these two artists, who struggle to find their place as emigrants abroad, the film reveals how the cultural activity of Iraqi artists both inside and outside of Iraq has become increasingly vital in the last decade, facing new dilemmas as the society becomes violently divided and the country starts to fragment

(Flaubert's) My Travel through Lebanon (Lebanon) PRODUCTION GRANT
Director: Mona Lotfy
Producer: Delphine Morel & Hala Lotfy
Production Companies: TS Productions & Hassala Films
Going in double darkness (psychological and physical) through walking 50 years in the history of hope and failure in the tunnels of 'Al-Maghara' the only coalmine in Egypt "in the desert of Sinai'' a place known for neglect, isolation and also known for its beauty, treasures and miracles. The film tells the story of 'Al-Maghara', and the stories of the minors who used to work hundreds of meters underground fearlessly and accompanied by complete darkness. The mine witnessed the political, economic and social transformations that Egypt went through with different presidents but it always had the same fate "shutdown".It is a journey to the heart of the dark ... that resembles the brutality of sensory deprivation we're enduring through the course of life ... and how do we sustain this deprivation and pressure without losing our sanity? Or maybe we do?

Miguel's War (Lebanon) DEVELOPMENT GRANT
Director: Eliane Raheb
Producer: Eliane Raheb
Production Company: Itar productions
When he was a teenager, " Migo " decided to participate in the Lebanese civil war to prove to his family that he exists and could fight like a "real man". In the battle fields he lived a great fear and he had his first sexual experience with one of the toughest militia man. Later he turned into a masochist homosexual, living with the eternal feeling of guilt and shame. To d a y, a g e d 5 0 , Migo is still emotionally damaged. The film will accompany him in a trip of self-confrontation and emotional reparation, and in his quest for finding true Love.

Limbo (Lebanon / France / Armenia) DEVELOPMENT GRANT
Director: Tamara Stepanyan
Producers: Nathalie Combe
Production Company: Cosmographe
Marseille, 2014. Dozens of Armenian asylum seekers trying to survive while waiting for their application to be considered. They live in an undetermined space, between two counties, between two spaces, between a threatening past and an uncertain future. They are wondering in limbo..

Waiting for the Train (Lebanon) DEVELOPMENT GRANT
Director: Zeina Sfeir
Producers: Zeina Sfeir& Rola Kobeissy
Production Company: Cosmographe
This is a film about an entity that no longer exists: the railway system in Lebanon. Yet, through the depiction of that absence, emerges a drained and chaotic Middle East.Two women, daughters of a train driver, tell me stories of childhood games and romantic encounters: my mother Mona and my aunt Hoda. They were raised near the Mar Mikhail train station in Beirut and spent their summers near Rayak train station in the Bekaa. However, their storytelling will soon be disrupted by geopolitical realities and the anguish that results from an uncertain future. This is a film about what could have been, were it not for boundaries, were it not for violence. It is set in abandoned train stations.