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Off frame
Mohanad Yaqubi

Mohanad Yaqubi is a filmmaker, Producer and one of the founders of Idioms Film. Heteaches film studies at the International Art Academy in Palestine. He is part of SubversiveFilms, a curatorial and research collective that focuses on militant film practices. Yaqubi isa Producer of internationally screened films such as Infiltrators by Khaled Jarrar, PinkBullet by Ramzi Hazboun, and a co-producer of Habibi by Suzan Youcif and Though IKnow the River is Dry by Omar R. Hamilton. He is also the creator and producer of theproject Suspended Time, an Anthology film by nine filmmakers reflecting on 20years after the signing of the Oslo peace accords. His latest short No Exit, written incollaboration with Omar Kheiry, had its premier at the Dubai International Film Festival. Heis currently finalizing his feature film about the history of Palestinian militant cinematitled “Off Frame”.

Country of origin: Palestine / France / Lebanon / Qatar / UAE
Five shots. In black and white.Armed men running in a landscape. Five shots captured by a filmmaker during a war, moments later followed by his own death by a shell. This describes material found during a research by another filmmaker years later in search of a forgotten history of cinema and image production of a people, and a revolutionary archive. The film follows history and life of the Palestine Film Unit, the filmic arm of the Fatah movement, from 1968 until 1982 when the Palestinian revolution was forced out of Lebanon by the Israeli invasion of Beirut. The journey unravels the mechanism of creating an image of a people through cinema, and observes how this image transformed from that of refugees to the image of freedom fighters. How does one watch archival film today of the still ongoing struggle. What does the act of seeing an archive of a revolution today, mean? What thoughts, emotions does it evoke? Towards what kind of knowledge does it lead? "
Director: Mohanad yaqubi
Producers: Sami Said ,Mohanad yaqubi
Co- producer: Delphinelandes
Script: Reem Shilleh& Mohanad Yaqubi
Cinematographer: Rami Nihawi, Sami Said, & Sara Sea
Editor: David Osit, Ramzi Hazboun
Sound editor and / or designer: Carl Svensson