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Riyad Deis

He studied film production at the San Francisco City College in the US. Riyad has produced, directed and written several short films that have been screened at international film festivals. He is currently based in Jerusalem where he has directed short films, documentaries, TV spots, and promotional films. He also managed a mobile cinema group and screened films in villages and refugee camps throughout the West Bank. His current job is at Birzeit University at the TV unit and he is developing his first feature film.

Country of origin: Palestine, Lebanon
The documentary depicts the decay of Al-Quds through the life of 67 years old Ibrahim Shabana. Born in the beautiful Old City of Jerusalem to a family that was once the most respected distributor of books in Palestine, Ibrahim lives at present in a narrow refugee camp at the outskirts of the city. His only income is from selling the Al-Quds daily newspaper at Bab Al'amood, the famous Damascus Gate, and entrance to the Old City. But at the Gate where reality and fantasy intersect, Ibrahim's belief in his kinship with the late famous Egyptian singer Abdel Halim Hafez, with whom he shares the last name and a similar appearance, has a paradoxical power of salvation.
Director: Riyad Deis
Producer: Riyad Deis
Cinematographer: Philippe Bella Bellaiche
Editor: Hannin Rishmawi
Sound Deigner: Hannin Rishmawi
Mumbai International Film Festival - India 2013