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On the fence
Nesrine El-Zayat

Nesrine El-Zayat was born in Upper Egypt in the governorate of Sohag. She studied sociology at the University of the South Valley. She made two short documentary films, “WARD NO.6” in 2008, and ''THE BLACK DRESS” 2013.

Country of origin: Egypt / Lebanon
Three girls of different ages, living in different places; Cairo the capital of Egypt and Sohag in Upper Egypt. They feel alienated and detached from the place they are in and the society. They are in a continuous process of soul-searching, while living in closed communities with strict customs and traditions against the women. Throughout the film they are trying to break through the barriers forced upon them by a male dominated society, rejecting prejudice traditions that make them and many others submissive.
Director: Nesrine El-zayat
Producer: Hala Lotfy
Cinematographer: Nesrine EL-Zayat,My Zayed, Zaky Aref
Editor: Abdullah AL-Ghaly