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Rana Eid

Rana Eid was born in 1976 in Beirut. She received her BA in Cinema in 1999 and her MA in Film Sound in 2002 both from Université Saint Joseph, IESAV. In 2002 she trained for a year in Sound Editing at GTC Studios in Paris. Rana has been working as a sound editor since 2003, having gained the reputation as one of the Lebanese film industry’s most acclaimed practitioners. She has worked with some of the most acclaimed Arab directors and producers. In 2006 Rana opened db STUDIOS for audio post production with composer Nadim Mishlawi. She currently lives and works in Beirut, Lebanon where she teaches sound for film at Université Saint Esprit Kaslik (USEK).

country of origin: Lebanon
Lebanon is a nation of paradox. On the surface, Lebanon is a lively and energetic country, fast paced and progressive. This rapidity is represented by the large-scale, post-war reconstruction of Lebanon as a web of concrete and steel, particularly with regards to the multitude of bridges and other forms of infrastructure built over the past two decades. Underneath this façade however is a state of stagnation that has hindered any form of actual social reform and political reconciliation. Prison explores this paradox by examining the symbolism of an infamous underground prison located on the outskirts of central Beirut to understand how Lebanese society has become itself a virtual prison of oppression and perpetual social conflict.
Writer/Director: Rana Eid
Producer/Line Producer: Abla Khoury
Production company: Ginger Beirut
Director of Photography: Talal Khoury
Camera 2: Karim Ghrorayeb
Sound recorders: Cedric Kayem, Karine Basha
Editor: Nadim Shartouny
Sound Editor: Rana Eid
Music: Nadim Mishlawi
Colorist: Belal Hibri