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Sandra Madi

Sandra Madi, born in Amman, Jordan 1976, is a Palestinian film Director/Actress/Writer. She has 20 plays on her record that toured many cities in Europe, performing and training young people through many workshops. Acting and improvising in theatre, she was awarded three times as best actress. She worked as a radio presenter. She graduated from the AIF (Arab Institute of Film) in December 2006. Produced and directed several TV series, entertainment programs & documentaries.

country of origin: Jordan, Lebanon
2014 / Arabic / English subtitles / 90 mins
Saken is an observational documentary set in Jordan. It follows the friendship of Ibrahim, a Palestinian fedai who was injured in Lebanon while on duty before the 1982 "Israeli" invasion on Lebanon, leading to his paralysis, and Walid an Egyptian man who has been Ibrahim's companion and caretaker for the past 15 years. Saken is a film about friendship and sacrifice, how some people’s destinies are linked and hard to be broken.
Director: Sandra Madi
Production company: Red Carbon productions
Director of Photography: Ali Saadi
IDFA, The Netherlands, 2014
Bristol Palestine Film Festival, UK, 2014
Ayam Beirut al cinemai’ya, Lebanon 2015
FIDADOC, Aghadir, Morocco 2015: Human rights Award