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Afraa Batous

Afraa Batous was born in Aleppo-Syria in 1986. Graduated from Faculty of Arts and Humanities, English Literature section in 2008. Worked in theater for five years in Aleppo and directed her first experimental theater performance in 2012 in Jordan "Who Have Seen Is Not like Who's Not". In 2014 she finished her first documentary short film "Haj Abd the Fawwal" screened at "Arab Short film Festival" In Beirut and FIFAK film festival in Tunisia.

Country of origin: Syria, Lebanon
2015 / Arabic / English subtitles / 85 min
Skin follows the director’s personal journey through vivid memories of two of her closest friends, Hussein and Soubhi, living in politically and socially tiring times. She documents their gradual collapse, which, as she realizes later, reflects her own inner collapse.
Director: Afraa Batous
Producer: Afraa Batous
Cinematography: Afraa Batous
Editor: Raya Yamisha
Sound Designer: Mohammad Siam
Artistic Advisor: Dhana Abo Rahme
Dubai International Film Festival, UAE 2015