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Spring 2015
Screen Institute Beirut supports Ayam Beirut Cinema Festival and Beirut Cinema Platform
Screen Institute Beirut is proud to have supported the 8th edition of Ayam Beirut Cinema Festival, a major event showcasing 40 Arab films among them 4 SIB grantees: “Diaries of a flying dog” by BassemFayad, “Saken” by Sandra Madi, “The immortal sergeant” by ZiadKalthoum and “Roshmia” by Salim Abu Jabal. SIB also supported the 1st edition of Beirut Cinema Platform (BCP), a parallel activity of Ayam Beirut Festival. BCP is a 3 days event in which Arab independent filmmakers and producers who have projects in development or in final stage met with regional and international industry experts.

BCP culminated by offering the following awards:
- FondationLiban Cinema (FLC) award supported by IDAL to “24 Hours of the life of Raya Malek” by Gilles Tarazi
- FondationLibanCInema award given by AgenceInternationale de la Francophonie to « Ibrahim » by LinaAlabed, produced by Rami Nihaoui
- Dubai Film Market award to « The return » by Meyar AL Roumi
- Db Studios award to « Beirut Rooster » by ZiadKalthoum
- Rez Visual award to « Poisonous Roses » by A FawziSaleh
Dubai Film Market – Enjaaz also announced their support to “Skin” by AfraaBatous.

Also in the framework of BCP, SIB held an editing workshop for 3 films: “Fatima” by Mary Jirmanus, “Rude refugee diaries” by JumaaHamdo and “The shadow lawyers” by Samir Eshra.

Screen Institute Beirut announces the projects awarded grants in spring 2015
The slaughterhouse(Algeria) - Production Grant
Producer: Narimane Mari
Algiers, Ruisseau District - Workers and animals are here for a last death dance: the city’s main slaughterhouse is about to close forever and lives its last vibrations. I tune into the rhythm of the workers, their bodies that roam through the multiple spaces of the slaughterhouse. I sense the tempo of their gestures and their words, their breaths and their silences in a place that is being emptied just like the beasts of their blood.

Limbo(Lebanon, Armenia) - Production Grant
Director: Tamara Stepanyan
Producer: Nathalie Combe – Cosmographe Productions
Marseille, 2014.Dozens of Armenian asylum seekers trying to survive while waiting for their application to be considered. They left behind them a country whose people have settled around the world for over a hundred years A country all described as desert, abandoned by its inhabitants, emptied of its life. Forced stillness, impotence, they live in an in-between space: between two countries, between two lives. In a time and abstract space, made of nothing, where their life escapes them completely. They float in Limbo.

Lissaaicha(Jordan) Post-Production Grant
Director: AsmaBeseiso
Producer: Rima Abou Baker
In a tribal country where family name and status are more important than the person himself, Aisha, a 27 years old psychology graduate was abandoned by her parents at the age of months and raised in foster homes. Not only that Aisha had to survive the tough life in an underdeveloped country, but also to strive for love and acceptance by an unmerciful society

A time to rest(Lebanon) Post-Production Grant
Director: Myriam Hajj
Producers: Inthemood... (Hugues Landry) and Abbout Productions (MyriamSassine and Georges Schoucair).
Beirut 2013. My uncle Riad and his friends, all veterans of the Christian militias in Lebanon still live nostalgia for the war that impassioned their youth. Between shared memories in my uncle's hunting shop and their hunting trips from where they often return empty-handed, I question them, I confront them. What is really left from their old fights, their cause and their ideals in times where Lebanon continues to drown in instability?

The changing map of Lebanon(Lebanon) - Production Grant
Director: George Tarabay
Producers: Elias Khalil & George Tarabay
Two bakers work in the same bakery in Beirut -- one is Lebanese and the other is a newly arrived Syrian refugee. This film will provide a fresh look at the current situation in Lebanon during the Syrian civil war, a time in which Syrian refugees constitute 30% of the total Lebanese population. This documentary will focus on the day-to-day survival and the clash of cultures through the lives of the two protagonists and other people at the bakery and the refugee camp.