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The band
Albaqer Jafeer

Albaqer Jafeer was born in Baghdad in 1993 where he lives and works. He learned cinema through practice, by working as assistant director, assistant DOP and director of production on several award winning films. “The band” is his first feature documentary as director.

Country of origin: Iraq / Lebanon
A band wants to organize a concert in a city where music is prohibited. The band consists of four young men who play Sufi music. They live in Sadr city (in Baghdad) where music is prohibited. They have to practice outside their neighborhood. They move with their music instruments while people watch them. There is always disagreement among the members of the band because of their private problems. Fahad is the head of the band and the author of music tracks and he plans to marry. He was a plumber and he always comes late to the rehearsals. Hussein is fired from his family house because he likes music. Mustafa wants to marry his beloved girl but her family refuses because he is a musician. Even time is not suitable to listen to music because ISIS threatens Baghdad. Will they achieve their dream and organize a concert in Sadr city to prove that music expresses life?
Director: Albaqer Jafeer
Producer: Albaqer Jafeer