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The changing map of Lebanon
George Tarabay

Born in Byblos in 1984 is a project coordinator at the audio visual department of Notre Dame University and Program coordinator of the NDU International film festival. He is the award-winning director of Civil... But Not Civilized, a short film that represented Lebanon in more than ten international film festival including Clermont-Ferrand official selection 2010, Cannes Film Festival’s short film corner and won three awards. Tarabay is also the director and producer of many short films and documentaries between Lebanon, England and USA, as well as the founder of Pellicule Productions, a newly established production house for young talents.

Country of Origin: Lebanon
Two bakers work in the same bakery in Beirut, one is Lebanese and the other is a newly arrived Syrian refugee. This film will provide a fresh look at the current situation in Lebanon during the Syrian civil war, a time in which Syrian refugees constitute 30% of the total Lebanese population. This documentary will focus on the day-to-day survival and the clash of cultures through the lives of the two protagonists and other people at the bakery and the refugee camp.
Director: George Tarabay
Producer: Elias Khalil - George Taraba
Cinematographer: George Tarabay