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The little eagles
Mohamed Rashad

Mohamed Rashad is a cofounder at Hassala Films. He was born in Alexandria and he studied cinema at a workshop organized by the Jesuit Cultural Center and the SIMAT Foundation. He wrote and directed two short films, From Afar and Maxim. He is currently working on the long documentary Little Eagles, which received a grant from the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC), and (ROSA LUXEMBURG FOUNDATION), and was chosen to participate in the annual DOCMED workshop. He is also producing the feature documentary the profession directed by Ramez Youssef which is funded by AFAC. He was also director assistant in Hala Lotfy’s award winning film Coming Forth by Day (2012).

country of origin: Egypt
The filmmaker thinks that his relationship with his father, who has never pleased with his son, has weakened his self-esteem. Upon meeting a young man and a girl, he discovered they both have what he lacks: "self-confidence". He decided to dive into the history of his father, a modest worker, and that of the two young people's fathers, both leftist in the seventies of the last century. While reviewing the history of these characters, the filmmaker relates the events shaped Egypt from 1952 up until 2014.
Director: Mohamed Rashad
Producer: Hala Lotfy
Production Company: Hassla film productions
Cinematographer: Mohamed El-Hadid
Editor: Nesreen Talaat
Sound Designer: Abd El-Rahman Mahmoud