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This little father obsession
Previous Title: Counterbalance
Selim Mourad

Echoes of the coming demolition of his childhood and current house trigger a series of questions and ideas in the filmmaker’s existence. Being his parents’ only child and attracted to men, he reflects upon cutting with a tradition that may be as old as Lebanon’s recent History thus leading the family to a dead end as well as the meaning of home, especially in modern day Beirut. Is he supposed to perpetuate the race or live a radically different life? That’s when he embarks on both a physical and introspective journey in which he will search within his obscure family tree for unknown ancestors or relatives who might have produced another Mourad male child – hence taking this responsibility off his shoulders. If this leads nowhere, he will have to go where he never thought he would go : looking for a wife.

Country of origin: Lebanon
2016 / Arabic / English subtitles / 105 min
What is left when one lets go of all the pre-written fights? What traces matter to be left in the world after one’s gone? This film is an attempt by the filmmaker to answer those questions by reflecting upon his family and personal stories. Inhabited by the desire to become a father, but aware of the difficulty of achieving this within his society that doesn’t welcome same-sex affection warmly, he starts looking in his obscure family tree for some forgotten relative who would assure the continuity of the family and take this weight off his chest. On another level, he starts dreaming of a virtual child and an eventual mother, thus crafting the future of his family as he pleases. Fantasy and reality intertwine closely as a major event is happening in his parents’ life and his: the demolition of the family house and moving on separately into different homes.
Director: Selim Mourad
Producer: Jana Wehbe
Production company: c.cam production
Cinematographer: Bachir Hajj - Jad Tannous - Selim Mourad
Sound design & mixing: Lama Sawaya - DB studios
Grading: Belal Hibri - Rez visuals
Editors: Carine Doumit - Selim Mourad
Visions du reel, Nyon, Switzerland 2016