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Those form the shore
Previous title: Limbo
Tamara Stepanyan

Tamara Stepanyan was born in Armenia. She moved to Lebanon with her parents in 1994. After studying and working in Lebanon for 17 years, she moved recently to France where she is writing her first feature fiction script and preparing her second feature documentary. She is collaborating with french producers. In 2005 she graduated from the Lebanese American University (LAU) with Distinction, having studied in Communication Arts with an emphasis in Radio/TV/Film. Stepanyan made a number of films while in university, and participated in film workshops in South Korea( Asian Film Academy as part of Busan International Film Festival in 2007) and in Denmark, an exchange program in Den DanskeFilmskole in 2012. “February 19” a short narrative fiction she shot in 2012, has won the Best Fiction Film Award at Lebanese Film Festival and Best Short Fiction Film at the Armenian National Academy Awards "HAYAK". Her first feature documentary “’Embers”, which was twice granted from Screen Institute Beirut, has won Best Documentary Award at Busan International Film Festival, "Coup de Coeur" of Jury at Women's International Film Festival of Creteil, France and Special Prize for Best Documentary at golden Apricot International Film Festival in Armenia.

Country of origin: Lebanon, Armenia, France
2016 / Armenian / English subtitles / 84 min
Marseille, 2014.Dozens of Armenian asylum seekers trying to survive while waiting for their application to be considered. They live in an undetermined space, between two countries, between two spaces, between past and uncertain future. They are wandering in Limbo.
Director: Tamara Stepanyan
Producer: Nathalie Combe
Production company: Cosmographe