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Tiny Souls
Dina Naser

Dina Naser holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Art and Graphic Design from the Applied Science University in Jordan, and is currently pursuing her masters in Documentary Film Direction through the DocNomads program (run through the European Union’s Erasmus Mundus program). Dina has directed several documentary shorts for different non-profit organizations such as USAID, Television for the Environment (TVE), the Jordan Tourism Board, and the Jordanian food bank Tikyet Um Ali, in addition to managing the production for the films like Zero Dark Thirty (Katherine Bigelow, USA), Inch’allah (Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette, Canada), Hamilton (Kathrine Winfield, Sweden), and the BBC documentary feature Arab Conquest (Kevin Ledward, UK).

Country of origin: Jordan, Lebanon
In the grim landscape of Mafraq, Jordan, our story opens on the sprawling Zaatari Refugee camp, home to more than 100,000 registered refugees and countless unregistered. We follow the sharp-eyed and eloquently expressive MARWA as she carries her family through crisis, balancing such chores as collecting rations and bailing out her flooded tent with playing outside and singing with her friends. In this land of in between, she and her peers share their hopes and fears about horrors even adults can’t fathom, revealing with quiet intensity the childhoods stolen from them by violence and destruction.
Director: Dina Naser
Producer: Khaled Haddad
Production company: Jordan Pioneers