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Tunisia clash
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Hind Meddeb

Hind Meddeb has been going back and forth between France and North Africa since her early childhood. She feels at home on both sides of the Mediterranean. She believes this dual identity allows her the kind of mobility that baffle prejudice and clichés. Her first film "De Casa au Paradis" tells the stories of the 14 Moroccan suicide bombers that targeted Casablanca in May 2013 (broadcast on Planète, a French television channel, in 2008). In her latest film "Electro Chaabi" she takes us to the slums of Cairo, where young people dance to the rhythms of electro chaabi, a new genre of music that blends pop music, electro beats and freestyle spoken word that resembles rap. This film was selected in many interntationalfestivals : Ismailia IFF, London IFF, Rotterdam IFF, Seattle IFF, Götenberg IFF, Linz IFF, East End IFF and others)

Country of origin: Tunisia, Lebanon, France
2015 / Arabic / English subtitles / 65 min
In Tunisia, rap was a form of resistance under the dictatorship, and naturally became one of the voices of the revolution. After the fall of the dictator, rappers continued to describe the world they lived in. Their videos on YouTube get hundreds of thousands of hits. They speak out against authoritarian tendencies by the new government. They become one of the voices that demand promises from the democratic transition. After 2012, they became the target of the police and the courts, to intimidate them into silence. In making this movie, I became a committed witness to an alternative movement that's fighting for its rights in Tunisia.
Director: Hind Meddeb
Producers: Carole Mirabello - Nadim CHEIKHROUHA
Cinematographer: Hind Meddeb
Editor: Marion Van Herwijnen& Linda Attab
Sound Engineer: Feres Soumer
Sound Designer: Mathias Webber
Carthage International Film Festival, Tunisia 2015