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Waiting for Dawn
Mary Jirmanus

Mary Jirmanus work explores social movement in the Middle East and Latin America, and collaborations across the regions -- engaging critically with the tension between democratic rhetoric and practice in people's vision for a better world. From 2006-2008, she produced the rural-focused weekly broadcast television program Via Comunidad in Ecuador, directed Primer Regreso (2008) for Harvard Kennedy School's Mexico Program, and co-produced Caminos de Esperanza (2010) with Boston-based Development Communications Workshop --both have shown at festivals and in classrooms internationally. She is currently a doctoral student in geography at University of California, Berkeley.

Country of origin: Lebanon
Waiting for Dawn tells the untold story of Lebanon's secular social movements, past and present, by taking viewers on a search for Fatima Khaweja, a 19- year-old woman killed at a peaceful factory strike in Beirut in 1972 on what would become the front lines of the Lebanese civil war. Fatima and the strike became legendary, and all sides claimed her as their own--that is, until Lebanon's 15 year civil war erased the memory of Fatima, Lebanon's powerful social movements, and the possibility for unity. Waiting for Dawn searches for Fatima in this present day moment of post-Arab spring uncertainty, asking what it means to become a legend in death, and to dream of change after impossibility.
Director: Mary Jirmanus
Producer: Mary Jirmanus
Cinematographer: Jocelyne Abi Gebrayel
Sound editing & mixing: Fadi Tabbal & Stephane Rives