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Waiting for the train
Zeina Sfeir

Zeina Sfeir, Born in Beirut in 1974.Graduated from St-Joseph University, IESAV, Audiovisual Studies in 1997. Works in the field of advertising, marketing, film distribution and in the organization of festivals. Since 2001 she’s a member in the cultural association Beirut DC and The Artistic Director of its Arab Film Festival “Cinema Days of Beirut”.2007 – Till present Programmer and Manager of the Arab press and publicity office in the Dubai International Film Festival She directed and produced several documentaries since 2001: "All About my Father" (2010), “Life under terror” (2007), "Neighbors in Need" (2007), "Endless Conflict" (2006), "Learning through new eyes" (2005), "Other world of Power" (2004), "To Sara" (2003), "In Spite Of The War" (2001)which received the award for best Lebanese film at the Beirut International film festival in 2001.

Country of origin: Lebanon
This is a film about an entity that no longer exists: the railway system in Lebanon. Yet, through the depiction of that absence, emerges a drained and chaotic Middle East. Two women, daughters of a train driver, tell me stories of childhood games and romantic encounters: my mother Mona and my aunt Hoda. They were raised near the Mar Mikhail train station in Beirut and spent their summers near Rayak train station in the Bekaa. However, their storytelling will soon be disrupted by geopolitical realities and the anguish that results from an uncertain future. This is a film about what could have been, were it not for boundaries, were it not for violence. It is set in abandoned train stations.
Director: Zeina Sfeir
Producers: Zeina Sfeir & Rola Kobeissy