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Rami Nihawi

Born in 1982 in Lebanon, Rami Nihawi graduated from the Lebanese University in 2006 with a bachelor degree in Acting and Directing. Since then, Rami has participated in numerous acting, directing and documentary film writing workshops. His filmography includes two short videos “D’une Etoile” and “A titre personnel”. He also directed, shot and edited “Revenging for the astronaut”, a 25 minutes documentary in 2007. Rami lives and works in Beirut.

country of origin: Lebanon, UAE
In “Yamo”, the protagonist lives with his mother Nawal, sister Rima and brother Rayan, in a house that resembles the country they live in, Lebanon. They communicate through silences, unspoken words, furious clashes and repeated negotiations. Nawal is aloof and rarely talks about her past, although it is apparent there is a lot to say. Through dreams and memories, Nawal’s past is reconstructed. A past in her native village Béjjé, where her father renounced her after she married a Muslim. Nawal reveals her past, a childhood as a Christian, a youth as a Communist, the wife of Mustapha, who abandoned his family. This is Nawal’s journey...
Director: Rami Nihawi
Producers: Monika Borgmann & Rami Nihawi
Production Company: UMAM Productions & Sak A Do
Cinematographer: Maroon Al-Asmar & Rami Nihawi
Sound Mix: Rana Eid, Lama Sawaya, & DB Studios
Sound: Rayan Obeideyin
Editor: Anne de Mo
Color Grading: VTR Beirut
Dubai International Film Festival, UAE 2011 (In competition)
Visions du reel, Switzerland 2012 (In competition)
Doc à Tunis, Tunisia 2012
Ismailia International Film Festival, Egypt 2012
Les États généraux du film documentaire, Lussas, France 2012
Toronto International Film Festival, Canada, September 2012 (Lebanese retrospective “Once Upon a Time, Lebanon: Visions of Postwar in New Lebanese Cinema”)
Arab Film Festival - Honorable Mention for Outstanding Documentary
San Francisco, Berkeley, San Jose and Los Angeles, USA 2012
Printemps du cinéma arabe - Paris, France 2012
Cinemigrante, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Alfilm: Arab Film Festival Berlin, Germany 2012
Carthage Film Festival (In competition), Tunisia 2012
Commercial release
Cinema Metropolis, Lebanon, June 2012
Paris – France, November 2014
Special screenings
Aflam Marseilles: Marseille, 20 septembre, 2012