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You Come From Faraway
Amal Ramsis

Amal Ramsis is an Egyptian filmmaker who was born and raised in Cairo. She has studied cinema in Madrid between 2003-2005. She has conducted numerous workshops around the world with women who have no experience in filmmaking at all. Ramsis is the founder and the director of Cairo International Women’s Film Festival, which was launched in 2008. Her films “Only Dreams, 2005” “Life, 2008” “Forbidden, 2011” and “The Trace of the Butterfly, 2014” obtained many international awards and has been screened in art venues and festivals around the world.

Country of origin: Egypt / Spain / Lebanon
Dulia Saadi is an 85 years old ‘Russian’ woman born to a Palestinian father who has fought in Spanish Civil War (1936 – 1939) against Franco. Her father’s decision to take part in the war was a turning point in the life of the family. However, she was separated from her family for the whole of her life and ironically she does not share a common language with her siblings; she speaks Russian, they Speak Arabic! As a matter of fact, her memories, childhood, the revolutionary songs that she learned in school, the old photographs, the paintings, all together revive a unique life story.
Director: Amal Ramsis
Producers: Necati Sonmez – Amal Ramsis
Cinematographer: Necati Sonmez
Editor: Octavio Iturbe – Amal Ramsis
Sound editor: Cyrille Lauwerier